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  1.    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on: Do Not Be Deceived ~ 11/18/2013
    Thanks for posting this today. I have been going through some things here in the last few months and 2Corinthians 4:6~9 is exactly what I needed to hear and be reminded of. I agree totally with what you said. Thanks again and God Bless you. ...more
  2.    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on: A time to reflect ~ 11/18/2013
    Thanks for posting this. i really had good time reading this.
  3.    Kevin Krueger on: Radio Review - October 2013 ~ 11/16/2013
    Concerning Jason Crabbs new song, it seems some of the Southern Gospel artists are sounding a bit more pop or rock sounding. Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Beyond The Ashes, The Browns all seem to be moving that way.

    It reminds me of country music today. A lot of the new music seems to be more… ...more
  4.    Nikki Guillotte on: The Kirklands – Tell it Again ~ 11/13/2013
    I love yall's music, I would love to have a cd with the song, One More Time, on it. I have looked every where for it, and I can't find it. I have met you all one time at Andalusia Praise and Worship Church in Andalusia, Al. I would love to have a cd by yall with that song on… ...more
  5.    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on: A Songwriter's Perspective: "Revival" ~ 11/12/2013
    Great song and article, Kenna.
    Thanks for sharing the story! ...more
  6.    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on: The ‘Me’ Mentality ~ 11/12/2013
    Excellent article!
    Not sure what I would have thought reading this years ago, before the economic collapse in the U.S. - because we "had it all." Then, we lost it all (job, money, car, house, pets, possessions) and for the past 5 years we have been getting by with God's provision and grace. If anyone had told me that… ...more
  7.    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on: Popular Trio Steve Hess & Southern Salvation Debut John McCall As Tenor. ~ 11/07/2013
    I had the chance to hear this awesome trio, and all I can say is WOW!!! Steve, like his uncle Jake takes command of the stage and is a hoot. All three have very touching testimonies, and it has often been said that David Phelps could never be replaced vocally. Well, let me tell you that Steve has hired him,… ...more
  8.    James Heide on: Exciting Homecoming Christmas Concert Coming ~ 11/06/2013
    Would love to see your concert but I know everyone will enjoy it. Have a Merry Christmas. ...more
  9.    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on: Gina Vera - Secrets of My Heart ~ 11/06/2013
    just would like to take a little time to say i have enjoyed and still do today enjoy your cd which i purchased so many years ago now . that has the third voice and dying to live again on it . my favorite songs are on it . and thank you for using your talent to minister Gods love… ...more
  10.    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on: Cross Pointe Trio - Roots: Old & New ~ 11/05/2013
    I can listen to this CD over & over. Cross Pointe's sound has a pure blend of voices with a genuine sense of ministry & spiritual ♥!! ...more

Daily Devotional


Bryan Hutson's avatar
This past week, I mowed the lawn and while pushing the mower, I received a text from my beautiful wife and I THOUGHT I could text her back and still push the mower in a straight line.

Sep 01, 2014 | Bryan Hutson | [0] Comments

Next Generation

Down Home Family

Levi Bowman's avatar
In this month's Next Generation - Levi talks with the Down Home Family's Annmarie and Michael McEwyn.

Sep 01, 2014 | Levi Bowman | [0] Comments

Still Going Strong

Tim Hill

Deon Unthank's avatar
Deon talks with songwriter Tim Hill in this month's Still Going Strong feature!

Jul 01, 2014 | Deon Unthank | [0] Comments

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The Isaacs - I Wanna Be There

Aug 09, 2014 | AGM | [0] Comments

Adam Crabb - Hey Now

Aug 09, 2014 | AGM | [0] Comments

Channing Eleton - Big Top

Aug 09, 2014 | AGM | [0] Comments

Freedom Quartet - One Way Flight

Aug 09, 2014 | AGM | [0] Comments


August 2014

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In this month's Editorial - Deon talks about perpectives and how they change in life!

Aug 15, 2014 | Deon Unthank | [0] Comments

Monthly Articles

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Get Back In The Ring Baby…It’s A Fixed Fight!

Sep 01, 2014 | Angela Primm | [0] Comments

Janice Crow's avatar

Proverbs 31 Woman - 2014

Sep 01, 2014 | Janice Crow | [0] Comments

Daryl Williams's avatar

The Butler Did It

Sep 01, 2014 | Daryl Williams | [0] Comments

Amber Nelon Thompson's avatar


Sep 01, 2014 | Amber Nelon Thompson | [0] Comments

Sue Duffield's avatar

Never Too Late For The Real Party

Sep 01, 2014 | Sue Duffield | [0] Comments

Woman To Woman

Connie, Kim and Karlye Hopper

Pamela Unthank's avatar
Pam talks with all three of ladies from The Hoppers in this month's edition of Woman to Woman. They talk about their new CD for children and what it is like for 3 women to share the bus space!

Jul 31, 2014 | Pamela Unthank | [0] Comments

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The McKameys
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3-1/2 Stars

Joseph Habedank
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4-1/2 Stars

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5 Stars

Ball Brothers
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4 Stars

Chapel Road
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3 Stars

Gold City
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5 Stars

Carolina Boys
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5 Stars

Pam Seaman
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3-1/2 Stars

Marvin Morrow
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3 Stars


In The Words of Chris

Mental Health and the Church

Chris D. Unthank's avatar
There has been a lot of talk about depression and suicide floating around the internet lately. With the death of Robin Williams, everyone now has an opinion on the subject. Some I agree with and some I don’t. There is one thing that I can say – I don’t understand a lot of it.

Aug 14, 2014 | Chris D. Unthank | [0] Comments

Artist Features

Childress Family's avatar

Only One Cover-Up

Sep 01, 2014 | Childress Family | [0] Comments

The Goulds's avatar

Tim’s Tales

Sep 01, 2014 | The Goulds | [0] Comments

LeFevre Quartet's avatar

From the Pulpit to the Pew

Sep 01, 2014 | LeFevre Quartet | [0] Comments

CowboyJim's avatar

Even After

Sep 01, 2014 | CowboyJim | [0] Comments

Mark Dubbeld Family's avatar

Not Even A Hand-Shake

Sep 01, 2014 | Mark Dubbeld Family | [0] Comments

Weekly Chart

Monday - September 1, 2014

[0] Comments | Aug 29, 2014
Karen Peck & New River hold on to the #1 spot for a third consecutive week with their hit single "Everybody's Going Through Something.". There's not much movement on the chart, though there is a re-entry from Joseph Habedank's debut solo single and the latest song from the Carolina Boys Quartet.

Fan favorite this week was The Talleys' "Hidden Heroes". Other favorite songs from the fans included the newest songs from Kirsten Alting, Dixie Melody Boys, The Nelons, and the Crist Family. Come and see all of this week's Top 40 songs!

Hoskins Family    Bowling Family

Ashley Demarus Foundation    Bev McCann

The Browders    Channing Eleton

Dunaways    Daryl Williams Trio

The Freemans    Gene McDonald

The Gould Family    The Isaacs

Jim Sheldon    Karen Peck and New River

Kenna West    Kings Heralds

Mark Dubbeld Family    Promise Trio

Sneed Family    The Tacketts

Three Bridges    Williamsons