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  1.    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on: Worship ~ 02/23/2015
    Love the reminder not to be judgmental, but to worship smile
  2.    Walter Ross on: SG Show Prep Changes ~ 02/22/2015
    I'm a gospel dj. I love to keep my audience infored and entertained and give them something to laugh at. A good laugh helps to cast a shadow over the things that made you frown. ...more
  3.    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on: Lanny Wolfe ~ 02/17/2015
    Can you please send me or tell me where I can find the chords to Lanny Wolfe's son I'm depending on you? Thank you very much for helping me with this. Also, how can I purchase a soundtrack of this song? I have alreadymlooked on his website. Manynthanksmfor you help in this matter. Tammy ...more
  4.    Kevin Krueger, Affirm Southern Gospel Radio on: Revelation - Christ In Me ~ 02/16/2015
    Great voices that need to tour in the U.S. The guys are at the point of not needing to do cover songs anymore, but rather creating memories and chart topping music with new material. ...more
  5.    Carolyn D Beaty on: Love Is A Choice ~ 02/16/2015
    Thanks to ALL the Southern Country Gospel DJ's for playing my New radio song "I'd Talk To Jesus", Love Denise Beaty, Ky, Here DJs may listen to & download Millennium Music Group compilations discs.MMG Compilation 54 ...more
  6.    Kevin Krueger on: The Erwins - Ready to Sail ~ 02/16/2015
    Everybody wonders where the next generation of Southern Gospel artists are. Tada, here's one of them!

    Nicely done would be an understatement concering this project. I can see several songs hitting the chart this year.

    It's been great to hear this group grow CD by CD. Katie's voice has been constantly been… ...more
  7.    Kevin Krueger on: Rachel West Kramer - Majestic Glory ~ 02/16/2015
    If you like Sandy Patti and full orchestral arrangements, this is THE album for you. ...more
  8.    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on: Kathy Karnes - Faithful to the End ~ 02/16/2015
    Kathy's singing is amazing. She is great at entertaining an audience. Her love for music and the One she sings about carries though in her performance. ...more
  9.    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on: Love Is A Choice ~ 02/16/2015
    Loved your post today, Sherri!! No truer words ever spoken. Love will never fail!! ...more
  10.    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on: Hope's Call ~ 02/15/2015
    If anyone can help me get in contact with anyone from the southern gospel group 'Hopes Call' Donna Beauvais-producer-Daywind) I would really appreciate it. My wife and I sing together and have sung a few of their songs for years. Our soundtrack CD finally bit the dust and i need to know how to get a new one. the soundtrack… ...more

Daily Devotional

Adding Value to Others

Bryan Hutson's avatar
We have been entrusted with a great power. When we encourage others, it builds them up and makes them strong.

Feb 25, 2015 | Bryan Hutson | [0] Comments

Next Generation

Riley Harrison Clark

Riley Harrison Clark's avatar
Riley tells you his story first hand of how he came to love Gospel music!

Nov 14, 2014 | Riley Harrison Clark | [0] Comments

Still Going Strong

Geron & Becky Davis

Deon Unthank's avatar
Deon sits down with "Holy Ground" songwriter Geron Davis in this month's edition.

Nov 14, 2014 | Deon Unthank | [0] Comments

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So, Where Do We Go From Here?

Deon Unthank's avatar
I have made several life changing things in my life that I didn't consult with the LORD about and they most always ended in disaster.

Jan 03, 2015 | Deon Unthank | [0] Comments

Monthly Articles

Bill Lloyd's avatar

The CHURCH HYMNAL:  “I Have Somebody With Me”

Feb 01, 2015 | Bill Lloyd | [0] Comments

Kenna Turner West's avatar

A Sacred Share

Feb 11, 2015 | Kenna Turner West | [0] Comments

Ruth Anderson's avatar

Christian Fiction Queen: Dark Hour

Feb 01, 2015 | Ruth Anderson | [0] Comments

Jeff Lowe's avatar

Behind the Song: What We Needed

Feb 01, 2015 | Jeff Lowe | [0] Comments

Janice Crow's avatar

Valentines and Victory

Feb 01, 2015 | Janice Crow | [1] Comments

Daryl Williams's avatar

Trouble And Rejection

Feb 03, 2015 | Daryl Williams | [0] Comments

Amber Nelon Thompson's avatar

Throwing Stones

Feb 01, 2015 | Amber Nelon Thompson | [0] Comments

Woman To Woman

Misty Freeman Callaway

Pamela Unthank's avatar
Pam sits down with Misty Freeman Callaway for this month's feature!

Nov 14, 2014 | Pamela Unthank | [0] Comments

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Jim Brady Trio
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Kathy Karnes
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The Erwins
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Tim Livingston
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3-1/2 Stars


In The Words of Chris

Songs That Are True vs. Songs That Are Cool

Chris D. Unthank's avatar
Chris reflects on the state of worship and Gospel music in this latest blog.

Jan 23, 2015 | Chris D. Unthank | [0] Comments

Artist Features

Lindsey Graham's avatar

Heart of Worship

Feb 04, 2015 | Lindsey Graham | [0] Comments

Childress Family's avatar

True Love

Feb 01, 2015 | Childress Family | [0] Comments

LeFevre Quartet's avatar

Better Watch Out!

Feb 01, 2015 | LeFevre Quartet | [0] Comments

CowboyJim's avatar

Choose God’s Path

Feb 01, 2015 | CowboyJim | [0] Comments

The King's Heralds's avatar

Two New CDs In The Making

Feb 01, 2015 | The King's Heralds | [0] Comments

Weekly Chart

Monday - February 23, 2015

[0] Comments | Feb 21, 2015
The Browders take the #1 spot with their hit single "He Took the Nails." The chart also sees big debuts from Tribute, The Kingsmen, and Jeff & Sheri Easter.

Fan favorite this week was Beyond the Ashes' "Over For Good" for and eighth consecutive week. Other favorites from the fans included the latest singles from Wilburn & Wilburn, 2nd Generation, Crist Family, and The Browders. Vote for your favorite singles!

The Isaacs    Karen Peck and New River

Three Bridges    The Browders

Bowling Family    The Freemans

Wilburn and Wilburn    HIGHROAD III

Dunaways    Williamsons

Beyond The Ashes    Sneed Family

Kings Heralds    Channing Eleton

Jeff Stice    Steve Ladd

The Gould Family    Lindsey Graham

Jim Sheldon    Lori Jonathan Trio

Ashley Demarus Foundation    Godsey And Associates