June.  The Month of Father’s Day!

Karen Harding
Karen Harding

Four years (almost 5 years-August 2011) ago my Daddy went to be with Jesus.  I always reflect on the great Memories I have, of our time together, when Father’s Day rolls around. Two things jump out at me today…

1) my Dad taught me to be faithful!  We always went to church!  No question! We were involved in most everything happening at our Chuch!  We learned to be committed and on-time!  There is such a lack of commitment these days.  You can’t really count on people like you could when I was a kid.  We need to work on that one a bit. (Not meaning to step on toes, but it is the truth)

2) My Dad gave  me a love for music!  He played the organ and piano and sang!  We always had a stereo and LP albums going non-stop!  Such a rich heritage!  To this day I can hear the records playing (in my head) as we would get ready for church!  I am so grateful for my Dad and his love for Jesus, his church and music! He left a legacy of incredible ideas, songs, and examples! So,

I honor my Father this month! Happy Father’s Day to all the Father’s reading this. Thank you for instilling great qualities in your children!  Keep it up! Thank you!

Can somebody say “Amen?”

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Karen Harding
Karen has been involved in Gospel Music as long as she can remember. At age 2 her parents gave her a quarter to stand on a chair and sing at her local church. At age 4 she started singing tenor with her 8 year old brother, Gary. She no longer needs the chair and is still singing.

Karen won the 2003 Exalting Him Talent Search, which landed her a record deal with the highly acclaimed Daywind Music Group with distribution by Word Entertainment.

Karen has been blessed to share the stage or sing on projects with some of the best in Gospel Music: The Gaither’s, Mark Lowry, Michael English, The Isaacs, LordSong, Mike Bowling, Reba Rambo-McGuire, The Crabb Family, Nancy Grandquist, The McGruder’s, Kurt Carr and many more.