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gouldspub326I have mentioned before that I grew up in Arkansas City, Ks. and lived next to the High School football field. I spent a lot of time running around the field. The “correct” way to get in was a gate opening that was at least a half a block from my house! Luckily for me there was a fence just behind our small Kansas house that was very inviting and perfect for climbing over. This fence was at least 50 feet tall and strung with barbed wire at the top, it was almost impenetrable. OK, it was actually 5 or 6 feet tall and had the little “pointy” things at the top (you know what I mean). As kids we would climb over the fence to our play land at the risk of getting our jeans, shirts or skin caught on the barbs. I can tell you that at times I caught all three on it but it was much more sensible to do that than to walk that half block to go in the other way, I mean I’m not crazy!

Now as I’m a little older I would happily walk the distance rather than climb that fence! It would take a pack of wild, rabid dogs nipping at my heels to get me to climb it and even then I would probably think twice. It’s funny how your perspective and attitudes change as you get older. They told me this would happen!

Our Christian life is much the same. When we are young in Christ we sometimes come up with ideas that “older” Christians think are nuts. And when we are more mature in Christ we sometimes hold dear to some things that “younger” Christians think are outdated and worn out.

Truth is that there’s value and validity to both “old” and “new”. We need to remember that Christ died for all and that He calls all of us to serve Him in a way that is honoring and glorifying to the Father no matter where we are in life. We can certainly do this in many ways “old & new”. The key is to never lose our freshness, flavor or “salt” for our Lord and God. Whether you are climbing the fence or walking the distance, do it for Him and He will use your service and sacrifice. See ya on The Road!


Acts 26:24

At this point Festus interrupted Paul’s defense. “You are out of your mind, Paul” he shouted. “Your great learning is driving you insane.”

At this point in Paul’s life he had undergone some major changes. He had gone from persecuting Christians to being a leader of them. He is undergoing trials before King Agrippa and has made an appeal to Caesar and would be heading to Italy shortly. Paul is telling the story of how his life has changed since his vision.

I find it very interesting that Festus thinks Paul has lost his mind, literally. Festus cannot believe what Paul is saying about this “Christ”. He can’t believe that Paul is giving up all that he had or could have had. And not only can he not believe it, he doesn’t understand it.

Maybe you can identify with Paul. Has Christ changed your life in a powerful way? Do some of your friends look at you with unbelief and wonder what you are doing? Great!!!! That’s what God does. He takes us where are and gives us the opportunity to become something incredible. Many times our friends and family may not understand the change. They might even think you have lost your mind! But if you stay patient and true you will have the opportunity to share with them the Love and change that Christ brings. Our world may think we are crazy but that just means we are making a difference and they are noticing so let’s get crazy!

See ya on The Road!

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