The Walkers On The Road

TheWalkers326Hello Absolutely Gospel Readers,

The Walkers hope that you had and enjoyed a great July 4th Holiday.  Ours was spent with friends in Bangor, ME and ended with a great 30 minute fireworks show.  It is truly an honor to be an American.  Sure, we have our problems and as a people we even have our differences, but one thing that we all have in common is the freedom to pursue life and live life in any manner that we choose.
There was a price that was paid for that liberty.  As a history buff, I have been reading a lot on the American Revolutionary War and some of the key figures in the founding of our country.  There was great sacrafice made and it took great courage by those who dared to fight against at that time the world’s super power, The British Empire.  The signers of the Declaration of Independence commited their every resource and support to this new nation.  Many of the 56 signers lost their fortunes and died as paupers but their freedom from the British Crown was more important to them than their riches.
I hope that we all realize that days like July 4th, Memorial Day and others like it represent so much more than a day off of work or a reason to throw hot dogs on the grill.  There has been great sacrafice to ensure that we have these freedoms that we enjoy.  Let’s not take for granted the great priveledge to call ourselves Americans and let’s honor those that sign up to protect us and the freedoms that we enjoy.
As the calendar turns to July that brings us to New England.  The Walkers will be in 5 of the 6 New England States from July 1st through August 2nd.  Statistically, New England and the Pacific Northwest are the 2 most unchurched regions of America and we are honored to be able to bring the Gospel to this region.  Please take a look at our website, and check our tour schedule.  You can keep up with us to the minute by liking us on facebook, and you can follow us on twitter  Until next month, Billy.