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Karen Harding
Karen Harding

This month I want to share a song, my cousin, Steve Richardson, wrote. He has written several you may recognize, one being “Daystar” (recorded by The Gaither Vocal Band, Jason Crabb, Michael English and others) But, you may not remember the song he wrote called “Just To Walk With Him”(recorded by The Rambos). I want to tell you a mini-version of the story behind the song.

Steve had lost several very close family members to freak drowning accidents & sickness, several other private family incidents had taken place and his bride to be broke his heart… Jilted, hurting, angry and alone, Steve told God “if this is what living for you is like, then, I’m done”. “Who would serve a God that would let all this bad stuff happen to them?” “I’m over it!!!”  Then he said “but, I will stop by the church to tell you good-bye”

Steve went, alone, to the church and knelt down out of respect.  He began to talk to the Lord.  “Lord, I just stopped here to tell you bye.  And I guess, thank you for all the things you’ve done for me in the past…”  He began naming each thing.  An hour later (after being lost in God’s presence) Steve came out with a smile and a song!  You can’t start thanking God and not expect Him to show up!!  Steve lived out his days serving Jesus and writing life-changing songs!   I happen to love this one…here are the lyrics:

Steve went home to be with Jesus in 2012.

Just to Walk With Him
Verse One:
My steps had led me far away, sometimes I wondered why, they had taken me down lonely roads beneath the darkened sky, but every time I lost my way, My Lord came to me, He sought me out, He took my hand and said He’d walk with me.
Just to Walk with Him means everything to me, Just to know He’s near, His hand is leading me, Tho’ the world pass me by, go their way, let me be, Just to Walk with Him Means everything to me
Verse Two:
Through the valley of the shadow, or on soaring mountain height, Jesus walks with me, and He lets me see, His hand upon my life, He is closer than a brother, closer than a friend could ever be, and to think the God of heaven, takes the time to walk with me!!
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Karen Harding
Karen has been involved in Gospel Music as long as she can remember. At age 2 her parents gave her a quarter to stand on a chair and sing at her local church. At age 4 she started singing tenor with her 8 year old brother, Gary. She no longer needs the chair and is still singing.

Karen won the 2003 Exalting Him Talent Search, which landed her a record deal with the highly acclaimed Daywind Music Group with distribution by Word Entertainment.

Karen has been blessed to share the stage or sing on projects with some of the best in Gospel Music: The Gaither’s, Mark Lowry, Michael English, The Isaacs, LordSong, Mike Bowling, Reba Rambo-McGuire, The Crabb Family, Nancy Grandquist, The McGruder’s, Kurt Carr and many more.