The Walkers – Welcome To August

Hello Absolutely Gospel Reader,
Welcome to August.  Welcome to the dog days and the return of football!!  Whose ready for some football?  I know that I am and it has nothing to do with the fact that Florida State is going to be great this year.  August also means an end to one of the busiest months in The Walkers 25 years.
In July, The Walkers started in Iowa and Illinois, then headed to Arkansas and the rest of the upper southern states of Tennessee, Kentucky, North and South Carolina and Virginia.  We ended the month in Maine.  We traveled around 6,000 miles and did 23 services.  It was a busy month!!  We were blessed with the chance to be on Fox 22’s Good Morning Maine and Roxanne Tate was featured for a piece on The Walkers appearance in Washington, NC on one of the Greenville, NC TV stations.  Both of these events supported a concert in the area and turnout was phenomenal.  We really appreciate the publicity brought to us from these 2 events.
For the first time in 7 years Angela and Tripp ventured out on the road with us.  They left Jacksonville, FL on Amtrak, Wednesday July 19 and made it to Wilmington, DE the next afternoon at 5.  We picked them up and headed to Liberty Fellowship, our Thursday stop and they have been with us since.  Tripp has absolutely loved the riding, both in the van and train, and August 10 is going to be a bad day for his school when he has to go back.  He has had a great time!!
As our die hard Absolutely Gospel readers may have seen, we are excited about signing with Mansion Entertainment.  Our past 2 albums were made with Tate Music Group, but with their recent filing of bankruptcy it left us needing a new home for recording.  We made a great landing at Mansion.  We are looking forward to working with John Mathis and the team at Mansion to continue putting out great music and we believe that Mansion is going to take our songs and quality of recording to a new level.  We have known John for close to 30 years but we have never had the opportunity to work professionally with him.  We hope to get started in late fall.
August 6 will be our last stops of the summer leg of the 2017 Legacy Tour here in Maine.  We hope to be back home by Tuesday night August 8th just in time for Tripp to return to school.  The next couple of weekends will find us close to home and the last weekend we will be in the Louisville area.  We want to thank every pastor, church and individual who has supported The Walkers on this part of the tour.  We cannot do what we do without you.
As always, find us on ministries, follow us on, keep up with us at gospel and soon the new and improved will be complete.  Have a great August!!