REVIEW: Mike Blanton & Evidence – On Top of the Mountain

Producer:  Jeff Collins
Label:  Independent Release

Many people may not be familiar with Mike Blanton & Evidence.  Consisting of husband and wife, Mike and Teresa Blanton along with Shane Ferrell, the group travels all across the country and are quite popular on the revival/campmeeting circuit, as Mike is an evangelist as well.  People who enjoy groups like the McKameys, Rochesters, Barry Rowland & Deliverance, etc. will thoroughly enjoy the music of this group.  With a strong evangelical quality, the group has a great sound and they have released what I feel is their best recording yet!

The uptempo, “I MADE IT THROUGH” gets things off to a great start before things slow down for the power ballad, “FREE TO WORSHIP”, which is the triumph of the recording.  Featuring Teresa and Shane, this powerful song of freedom speaks to all Believers…“I’m free to worship, free to lift up my hands and praise the Lord, after all He’s done for me I’ve got so much to praise Him for, all the chains that had me bound will never hold me anymore…I’m free to worship the Lord!”

The tempo picks back up for “HIS NAME IS JESUS”, which a bit of a departure, musically, for the group and it’s a highlight of the recording and Teresa does a tremendous job on the song.

The nice, country feel of the title song, “ON TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN”, also features Teresa and it fits the group perfectly, as does “LEAN ON JESUS”, which features Shane.

“RESTORATION” keeps things in slow mode before Mike steps up to sing the medium tempo, acoustic feel of, “I KNOW”.  Shane then steps back up to sing the classic Mike Payne song, “HOW GREAT IT IS”.  Arranged a little different than previous renditions of the song, they made the song their own and is a highlight of the recording.

The tempo finally kicks back up for another classic, “MY LORD WILL SEND A MOSES” before slowing down slightly for easy feel of “SOME GLORIOUS DAY”.  The uptempo campmeeting feel of, “THERE’S NOT ENOUGH TIME” closes things out nicely.

My only gripe is there are a lot of slower to medium tempo songs, but considering who they sing to each week, it fits the revival/campmeeting vibe.  I found a lot to like about this recording though, and while it may bog down in some places, overall it’s very good and filled with songs that will uplift, inspire and encourage.  You can tell the group has lived these songs and they interpret them extremely well.  If you’re fans of the groups I mentioned at the beginning and you’ve never heard of Mike Blanton & Evidence, I highly recommend their music to you.  You will definitely find a lot to like about this recording!


Track Listing:
(stars denote personal favorites)

I Made it Through**
Free to Worship**
His Name is Jesus**|
On Top of the Mountain**
Lean on Jesus**
I Know
How Great it is**
My Lord will Send a Moses**
Some Glorious Day
There Not Enough Time**


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