REVIEW: The Wisecarvers – Silhouette

Producer: Jeff Collins
Record Label: Skyland Records/Crossroads Music Group

The Wisecarvers are a family group comprised of Vince and Tammy, Chase & Dustin along with Dustin’s wife, Kaila.They’ve been singing together as a family for 12 years, and they’re passionate about sharing the message of Hope found in Christ to the world. It is evident in their songs.

Their latest release, Silhouette¬†features some amazing songs and tight vocals, solid harmony and a progressive country sound. “Begin With You” is a great opening song and a middle of the road tempo about praising the Lord. Th vocals are top notch on this tune! “Jesus to Me” is another strong testimony song and would be a great radio single!

“Best of Forever” is a powerful ballad filled with hope of spending heaven with our loved ones. This is a great song to do live and is easy to respond to. The title track, “Silhouette,” featuring Dustin is an easy to listen to song and has a great message about reflecting the image of Jesus in our daily lives. Dustin’s voice has a raspy edge to it, but it is powerful.

“You Have my Attention” is a tender song, but the passion behind the delivery is outstanding. This song is absolutely beautiful and talks about getting away and being alone with Christ. Wow! Great song! “Manufactured Smiles” captured my attention before I even listened to it, just by the title. Then I listened and heard such truth. We have people around us, even in the church walking around broken, lost and lonely. We need to reach them! It’s another outstanding song and performance.

“Someone Else’s Valley” captured my ears immediately as well. Even when we are rejoicing and on the mountain top, other people around us are hurting and need to be shown grace, mercy & love and not to forget someone else’s valley. Great concept! It’s a good song of encouragement!

“Potter’s Wheel,” “Love You Still,” and “Go Down Again” are other great songs with solid performances and would do well in concert! The project closes with “Amazing Grace” the popular and classic hymn. The family’s arrangement is fresh and features lots of instrumental interludes.

The Wisecarvers are great singers, writers and performers. Their passion is felt, their sound is solid, and their future is bright! Go grab this project today! You won’t regret it!

Track Listing:

Begin With You
Jesus To Me
Best Of Forever
When you Look At Me
You Have My Attention
Go Down Again
Manufactured Smiles
Love You Still
Someone Else’s Valley
Potter’s Wheel
Amazing Grace


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