REVIEW: Gaither Vocal Band – Good Things Take Time

Producer: Gordon Mote & Bill Gaither
Record Label: Gaither Music Group

The old saying is true…good things take time!  While it seems the GVB has gone through some changes over the last few years, they have released probably one of their finest recordings in the last few years.  Personally, their 1999 release, “God is Good”, is my personal all-time favorite from the GVB, but this latest offering ranks in the top 5 for sure!  Fans of the quintet will definitely find a lot to love about this latest release!  So sit back and relax and take a listen to some “good things”!

The recording starts off with a majestic performance of the classic, “CHILD OF THE KING”.  With Irish overtones, the song has an epic feel to it and really sets the tone for the whole recording before Todd Stuttles steps up to sing the Walter Hawkins classic, “GOIN’ UP YONDER”.

The tempo then slows down as Adam Crabb takes the lead on the orchestra-laden, “THIS IS THE PLACE”, penned by Bill & Gloria Gaither along with Gordon Mote, and leads perfectly into the contemplative and prayerful “HEAR MY SONG”.  This is a highlight of the recording and features the GVB along with the Martins, and it’s a very cool collective effort.  If you think you’ve heard it before, it’s been previously done on a couple of Homecoming videos.  The tempo then picks up to a nice shuffle for the song “YES”, written by Larry Gatlin, before the tempo picks up for the fun title song, “GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME”.

Larry Gatlin joins Bill Gaither as they poke fun at growing older with the novelty tune, “THOUGHT GETTIN’ OLDER” and it’s a highlight of the recording.  It’s an all-around great collaborative effort between two old friends as they both wrote the song as well.

The guys do a tremendous job with their updated rendition of the classic hymn, “REVIVE US AGAIN” before moving to the medium tempo of the driving “JESUS IS EVERYWHERE”.

While it is a similar arrangement, they take a little different approach to one of their own cover tunes, “LOVE LIKE I’M LEAVING” and it’s a cool arrangement before slowing down for the country feel of the smooth sounding, “ONLY JESUS”.  Written by Bill & Gloria, Adam Crabb and Wes Hampton are featured on this song and is a highlight of the recording before Reggie Smith closes things out with the dramatic (almost dark sounding), “NOW IS FOREVER”.

One thing I picked up on while listening to this, is that while there are some feature solos, there aren’t any big features and most songs feature the group as a whole (with some step out lines throughout) and it really shows the cohesive sound of these five guys.  While individually they are all outstanding talents in their own right, collectively they bring a unique sound and it’s brought to the forefront as they truly show that good things really do take time!

Track Listing:
(stars denote personal favorites)

Child of the King**
Goin’ Up Yonder
This Is the Place**
Hear My Song**
Good Things Take Time
Thought Gettin’ Older**
Revive Us Again**
Jesus Is Everywhere
Love Like I’m Leaving**
Only Jesus**
Now Is Forever

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