Where America Is Today!!!

I’m sitting here with a heavy heart today, Sept 11th.

As I am watching some of the old news reporting of the actual 9/11 happening in real time, I am amazed as I watch real American heroes in action running towards the disaster. Policemen and firemen running into the buildings trying to save lives. On 9/12 the whole country was remembering and talking about what a great, special, and blessed nation we are. Flags were on cars everywhere. It was hard to find an American flag of any size or shape, because people were proud of this great country. We were a country where policemen and firemen, and regular citizens who fought against the terrorist were all heroes.
Everyone, white, black, red, yellow, and brown were all proud of our country.

What a comparison of today when highly over paid athletes are ashamed of, and disrespect our flag, our policemen, who are still running towards the dangerous situations, our President, and our beloved country. These athletes are not heroes, they are cowards who disrespecting our country costs them nothing. How many would be so supportive of the Marxist BLM if the didn’t get paid for their disrespectful talk, and disrespectful actions. In no other nation in the world could they make the multi-million dollars like they do right here, yet they want to disrespect the flag, the nation, and the very fans who spend their money so these cowards can act like spoiled children.

These spoiled athletes are doing all this to protest against policemen who are trying to make arrest. 99% of these arrest that they are protesting are violent thugs who are resisting arrest. Since when do we protest and make heroes of criminal thugs who were shot while resisting arrest, violently resisting arrest.

I truly believe that half of this country has as the Bible predicted reprobate minds. The Bible states that in the last days people will be turned over to reprobate minds. When a person has a reprobate mind they can no long discern between right or wrong, and good or evil. That pretty well describes half of this country today.

One party supports abortion, homosexuality, defunding the police, government support for people who refuse to work, and gun control just to name a few. These people in my opinion have been turned over to reprobate minds.

It’s time to stop dancing around these issues. Christians have been afraid to offend these people, but look where that has gotten us in the last 40 years. No, it’s time to stand up for what is truth and right.

I am not ashamed of my God, my country, or my Christian beliefs. It is time that someone stood up and said this, so I did!

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