Less Than Two Weeks To Make History

I’m sitting here struggling with exactly what to say. In less than two weeks from today will be one of the most life changing times in our nation’s history. Less than two weeks from today we choose between life and death, good and evil, prosperity or destruction. Never in my 72 years has an election been more important than now.

I have studied and preached the Word of God for the past 50 years. I’ve seen prophecy accomplished right before my eyes. It’s been amazing to actually see God’s Word come true right before my eyes. I’ve read the prophecy books, remember “Late Great Planet Earth” by Hal Lindsey? Reading this after living through the Six Day War in early 1967 was like the Bible in real time.

As exciting as that time and others like it were, other things have proven to be not as exciting. Seeing the Hippie movement with “love power” and “if it feels good, do it” plant the seeds of decaying of our morals as we had known them. We moved from the sexual revolution to “abortion only for cases of rape and incest”. We were promised that it would never go further than that, yet today we see innocent babies sacrificed on the altar of convenience, aborted because it’s not a good time to have a baby, or we really wanted a boy. We gasped when we read in the Bible of babies being sacrificed at the altar of Baal, but wink an eye when we abort millions of babies every year.

We say Sodom and Gomorrah were so wicked that God destroyed them because of the abomination of homosexuality, and yet we wink again and accept homosexuality as an everyday part of our lives never bothering to warn them that they are headed for an everlasting burning hell.

I guess you’re asking what this has to do with an election coming up in two weeks. Here’s what it’s about. We have a choice to make between good and evil, and life and death, and even prosperity or destruction. I guess the good thing is that we do have a choice.

We can choose between a party that does not believe in the sanctity of life, a party that sees nothing wrong with killing an innocent baby on the day it is being delivered. A party that sees nothing wrong with men dressing as women and using a restroom where innocent little girls would be going. The leader of this party has backed this agenda for all of his political life. He has kept his foot on the necks of Blacks for all his political life, supporting the KKK leader who was also a Senator. He brags of his faith, yet his Catholic church will not allow him to partake of Communion because he accepts the views of his political party over the views of his church. He bows at the altar of the Democrat Party.

Our other choice is a man who is truly rude and even crude. He says things that could probably be said in better ways, but in four years of being President I have seen a change in him. I have seen a man whose Mother taught him about God, but he had never actually experienced God. It seems to me that the weight of being the most powerful man in the nation with the burdens of all the people he now is responsible to protect serve has driven him to his knees on more than one occasion. Reports I have heard from such ministers as Franklin Graham, Jentezen Franklin, Robert Jeffress, Mark Burns, Paula White, Darrell Scott and others that the President accepted Jesus as his Savior since taking office. This explains the difference I have seen in this President. You say you don’t believe it…. if God’s grace was sufficient to save you, it is sufficient to save the President.

Under this President the economy has flourished and though attacked by this Covid virus has made a dramatic recovery in a mere four months. The stock market and the retirement funds of millions of Americans has remained safe under his leadership. Black and Hispanic unemployment is at an all time low, He’s made trade deals that have been very good for our country. All of these things are great, but in my opinion the greatest thing that this President has done is being a friend to Israel. He has brokered deals with Israel for peace with several countries, and he was instrumental in moving the capital of Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

I say this about Israel because scripture tells us in Genesis 12:3, speaking of the Jewish people, “I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those who curse you.” That promise is still good today. I believe that the reason the Nation has been so blessed in the past four years is because the President has honored and blessed Israel.

I am convinced that because he has been such a friend to Israel that he will be re-elected by a far greater measure than four years ago, however, that could still not happen. If Christians of all denominations do not get out and vote we could end up with the man who is led by evil principles and we could see evil take over our land. We could see the evil that this man and his party promote by calling what is good, bad, and what is bad, good, for they call abortion good and choosing life bad.

So my Christian friend, the choice is yours. Do you choose to vote for a man and party who defy the tenets of God or do you choose the man and party who though not perfect supports Christianity and the Jewish nation. Remember, you must put feet to your thoughts and you must do your duty and VOTE!!!!!!

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Deon Unthank
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