Do You Have On Your Funeral Clothes?

Well, it certainly has been a bumpy ride for the last year. Unlike any other year, it seems that our faith has been tested. I’m just curious as to how many of you have stronger faith now, than you did one year ago. Let’s look at the lesson of Jesus and Lazarus. We don’t have any record that Lazarus has been a sickly man. Yet the messenger came to Jesus saying that Lazarus was near death, and finally that he had died. Now remember that Jesus knew Lazarus and his sisters, Mary and Martha. They had all, no doubt, seen the miracles that Jesus had performed all across the country. Their faith should have been strong, but as Jesus gets to the home and grave of Lazarus we notice something very interesting. It was no secret that Jesus had raised the dead several times where the sisters surely would have known about it. Apparently Mary and Martha’s faith was so shattered and beaten down that the thought of Jesus raising their brother from the dead never even entered their mind. You might ask what brings me to that conclusion.It seems that Jesus knew the weakness of their faith by the fact that He didn’t rush to them to relive their fears. Instead, Jesus waited until Lazarus had been dead for four days before He even got to the sisters home.Let’s look at a couple of things that might reveal where their faith and their thoughts were. First we see that when Jesus arrived they were all weeping uncontrollably and professional mourners were already there weeping and wailing in agony for Mary and Martha’s grief. Second we see that everybody is dressed in their mourners attire. Had they been expecting a miracle they would have been dressed in celebration clothes. Thirdly, the sisters met Jesus with such sorrow that it made Jesus weep. The question that needs answering is was Jesus crying because of his sadness for Lazarus or was He crying because of the lack of faith that these dear friends had in Him? Lastly, we see and hear what Mary said. She said, Master had you been here you would have healed our brother and he would not have died.Let’s look at a couple of things that might have been going on had the sisters been acting in their faith. First of all their message to the Master would not have been the desperation of calling for Jesus to come quickly. Second they would not have had their mourners attire on. Thirdly there would not have been mourners, but instead shouts of praise unto God. Lastly Mary would have said… Master we have been patiently waiting for you to appear.Alas when Jesus did show up, He was met with more doubt when He told the people to roll the stone away when Mary said, Master, he’s been dead for four days and by now he surely stinks, nevertheless at your command we will roll the stone away. No wonder Jesus wept.How often have we made Jesus cry because of our lack of faith and having doubt in our hearts. How often do we cry out to our Savior with our funeral clothes on. We cry out in the midst of our doubts and our fears. Do you really think that Jesus would have cried if the people there were praising and magnifying God? Had He walked into a place of hope and expectancy, had people ran to roll the stone away, perhaps He wouldn’t have cried. Are our doubts showing when we live in such fear that we step back in WalMart because someone is standing closer than six feet from us, or because someone is standing beside us without a mask on? Maybe it’s because we are afraid to open our church doors because some doctor on TV said we had to do so, not even checking to see if he was even right. Are our doubts showing because we take the word of our government, who has lied to us about many things, told us to not only close our church, but also to not even visit our families on important holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas? Are our doubts showing because we believe every word out of the new media’s mouth when before Covid-19 showed up, when we didn’t believe one word that the secular media told us before they decided to spread fear when covid showed up? Are you one of those who are so fearful that you will be taking the covid vaccination when thousands of doctors and nurses are NOT taking it because the vaccine hasn’t been tested enough and bad side effects are happening?I’m wondering what you think the disciples would have done had the government told them they couldn’t have church… oh, ,wait a minute, the government DID tell them they couldn’t have church, but they listened to the Lord instead of government officials.So, let’s take off those funeral clothes and start standing in faith. Do you want to know when all these government restrictions will stop? When the people of America stand up and say, “We’ve had enough, we’re not doing it any more. The WORLD will continue walking in fear, until the CHURCH starts walking in faith. We keep praying and asking God to remove this Covid affliction, but continue to walk in fear of it because of what the government says. God responds to faith, not fear and doubt.To quote a familiar scripture: As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD!!!!

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