REVIEW: The Erwins – This Is Love

Producer: Wayne Haun
Record Label: StowTown Records

On the heels of a Dove Award and a Grammy nomination, The Erwins have produced their latest project entitled This Is Love.  This is the first new recordings from this fantastic family from Texas since their very successful Watch and See project.    Each of the eight songs on this project gives the message of hope and encouragement for us as we try to come out of this terrible pandemic that has gripped us for the past year. 

The project begins with “All of My Help”, which was released as a single before the album was introduced.  The upbeat song features the lead, Kris, and lets us know that I have needs and troubles that “All of my Help comes from the Lord.” Next comes Katie featured on “Already on the Way, God”.  When the mountains in our lives won’t move, he is an already on the way God.  And when you think things won’t work out, give a Hallelujah shout because he is an already on the way God.

“Plead the Blood” is the the third song on this project.  We would be so lost but not for the Blood of Jesus.  The music is extremely powerful as it is perfect for this song. The first single from the released project is, in my opinion, a future number one song.  It is a very powerful ballad that features Kody and Kris.  If you pray and are discouraged because nothing is happening, don’t despair “The God I Know” can still mountains.  If you have turmoil and wonder if it will ever be settled, don’t fret “The God I Know” can calm the raging sea, around us.  In despair and fear, God is there.  I truly love this song and you will want to listen to it over and over again.

All throughout the Bible, no matter what happened from the fall of man to the Cross we know how “The Story Ends”.  This is a very good song that lets us know that we don’t have to fear the present or the future because we know how it will all end. On “Mountain in the Sea”, Kody sings the lead on the fast-paced song that reminds us the we can try to climb the mountains in lives by ourselves only to fail.  But then we let go and let Jesus the climbing for us and he will turn it into a mountain in the sea which can not be seen as we sail across the water.   

The next song is the title cut, “This Is Love”.  As Keith Erwin mentioned in their interview earlier, this song was co-written by all four siblings (the first time they have ever written a song together) and Kenna West.  Katie sings the lead and reminds us we love because he first loves us.   The first line of the refrain says it perfectly, This Is Love, the Kind that gives its life away.   This is a great first writing project for the Erwins.  I can’t wait to hear more songs written by them.

The final song on the project is a beautiful reminder that no matter what we are going through you are here.  The recurring line in “Where My Scars Touch Yours” says “… in the breaking, in the aching, in the suffering, you are here.  In the wanting, in the wandering, in the longing, you are here.    This song is a perfect to an outstanding project for the Erwins.  I love this album and songs from this will be playing on the radio for a very long time.    


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