REVIEW: The Coffmans – Just Jesus

Producer: Jeremy Peace
Record Label: Peace Records

I have loved Southern Gospel music for many years and had my favorite groups or individuals.  But, since I have started writing for Absolutely Gospel, I have had my horizons broadened.  I have gotten familiar with several more groups and they have become new favorites.  The latest one is The Coffmans, a family group consisting of dad, Louis, mom, Tamara and daughter, Canaan, from Danville, Kentucky.  Their latest project is entitled “Just Jesus”. It is eight songs that show a wide range of vocals, instrumentals and styles. I really enjoyed listening to the powerful words of these songs.

The first song begins with the line “God is up to SOMETHING GOOD”.  It features Tamara and Canaan on the first verse.  It simply lets us know that “…with every prayer, with every move God is up to Something Good. “…with every breath, with every song, God is up to Something Good, … with every blessing he is going to do something good.

Canaan is on the lead is “More Than Conquerors, another upbeat song that reminds us that we are more than conquerors with God in our lives.    Tamara is featured next on “Heavy Loads”.  The words of this song remind us of some of the great promises that we are familiar with.  …. He is the Good Samaritan along life’s road.  He is a friend who sticks closer to use than a brother and he is our present help in a time of trouble.  That takes on our heavy loads so we don’t have to. 

One of my favorite songs from this project is a Gerald Crabb written one entitled “That’s Why He’s Jesus.”  Canaan sings the lead on this one that asks the question “Why did he give up heaven for this crazy world.”  Why did he want to be with the tax collectors and sinners?  That’s why he’s Jesus.  He wanted to.

Louis is featured on the next offering. “Everybody knows why I shout.  Everybody knows why I sing.  He done “TOOK MY CHAINS.” This is rousing, lively song that want us to tell the whole world about what Jesus did for us.  I love that title line, “He Done Took My Chains.”   It is a very triumphant, testament to our walk with him and what he does for us no matter the situation.

Canaan takes the lead in the next song, “Chisel Your Name.”  When our loved ones pass on, we make sure that they have a tombstone and their name is chiseled on it, but when Jesus died on the cross, he wasn’t dead long enough for those close to him to be able to chisel his name on his burial site. 

Louis is featured again on the next song, “Mercy of Jesus”.   A guitar – led ballad  that gives us the assurance that throughout any situation Jesus covers us, covers me with his mercy.

Finally, the last song is about that sacred place where “hope is restored”.  “That’s What This Altar is For.”  It has been known as “mourner’s bench among other names but to us it is where we can go to speak to God taking any secret we may have or any concern we have.  One line in the song sums it up, “If it matters to you, to God it matters more.”  That truly is what the altar is for us.

Overall, I enjoyed my first experience listening to the Coffmans.  They are a versatile family that would be an inspiration to hear live in a concert.   I loved their project and want to hear more of their music.     



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Dave Angle
Staff Writer/Reviewer