Where The Church Has Failed

Does it matter which side of a topic you’re on? Does it matter which side of a topic the church is on? Does it matter what side of a topic pastors and preachers are on? Does it matter if we take action for whatever side we are on?

Regardless of what this new age theology is prescribing, just preaching LOVE is not enough. Should we love the sinner, of course. Should we love the homosexual, of course. Should we love the evil ones who are trying to force an untested dangerous vaccine on us, certainly. Should we love the doctor who is aborting babies every fifteen minutes, yes we should. Should we stand back and watch the horrible effects of these things and just do nothing? No, No, a thousand times no. No more than we should stand back and watch a person walk into a burning building. I can hear you saying, but these people aren’t doing anything to hurt you. Oh, but they are, for when you see evil and stand back and do nothing you are just as guilty of that evil as the one actually doing the evil. That’s why the law says that if you are involved in a bank robbery and someone gets killed, you are just as guilty of murder as the man who pulls the trigger. If you are driving the get away car, you are just as guilty of the robbery as the man who filled the bag with money and walked out the door.

I know that I went around the block to get to my point, but here’s what I’m saying. This nation is in the shape she’s in because Christians sat back and did nothing. When the courts decided that abortion and homosexual marriages were legal, the churches and the Christians sat back and did nothing. When evil people decided to burn down cities, big cities, Christians sat back and did nothing. When the 2020 election was stolen, Christians stood back and did nothing. As evil people are trying to force people to take an unsafe vaccine Christians are doing nothing.

This new age theology says that just love is enough, just praying is enough, just reading the Bible is enough. That simply is not Biblical. God has always required action. One of His actions has always been “Go Tell”. Go tell the world the Gospel message of how Jesus came to this earth to die and rise from the dead to offer us eternal life. We must love, and we must pray, and yes we must study God’s Word, but we can walk and chew gum at the same time. We can scream at the top of our lungs, we can hold signs in protest, we can attend rallies showing our strength. We can protest abortion, and homosexuality, and an evil dangerous vaccine, and still love God and tell the world about Jesus.

I haven’t even mentioned the travesty of human trafficking, child sex trafficking, or the sacrificing of innocent children on the altar of Baal. Simply praying isn’t enough. We have to be about our Father’s business. If we aren’t we are about to lose this great country to the evil that has set it’s focus to destroy us.

Our fore fathers did not just sit around praying and reading their Bibles when the English were trying to do evil things against them. No the Pastors preached Gospel messages that included the freedoms that God has so graciously blessed this nation with, but then they marched out of their churches with guns in their hands leading their congregation into the battle of the Revolutionary War. Had our forefathers had the same attitude as most Christians have today, our national anthem would be “Hail To The Queen”. Had the people of this great Nation, in a time when God and Country (in that order) were important not rallied around the cause of defeating Hitler in World War II, we just might all be clicking our heels and raising our hand to Heil Hitler.

This nation has lost the concept of God and Country. We have forgotten that this nation was formed by people who left England to get away from religious persecution. They didn’t just pray and read the Word, but they put action to their prayers. That action meant protests, resisting the English authority ending in fighting for our freedom. Can anyone say Boston Tea Party? The prayer meetings of women were very instrumental in bringing about prohibition, because they left their prayer meetings with signs and posters in their hands putting actions to their prayers. It was men who left church services where the Gospel was being preached and take signs and placards to demonstrations which brought about an equality to blacks and women. These were all Christians applying actions to their prayers and Bible reading.

So, to the Christians, Pastors, Deacons, men and women who love God it’s time to stop being bystanders and being guilty of doing nothing. It’s time to put actions to our prayers and Bible study.

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