Friday – August 5, 2022

Top 55 Weekly Chart

The Williamsons hold on to the #1 spot this week with their smash hit single “Out of Harm’s Way.” This is the group’s first song to reach the top spot since “Shout.” As the chart starts working itself out this week, the Scotty Inman had the only debuting song with “Grow Up Slow.” Check out all of this week’s top songs!

113THE WILLIAMSONSOut of Harm’s Way1(2)
274JEFF & SHERI EASTERSweet Hellos2
3104THE ISAACSGive Him What You Got3
454THE BROWNSBrighten the Corner4
524MARK TRAMMELL QUARTETStill Standing After the Storm2
694DOWN EAST BOYSReady to Leave6
7154THE WHISNANTSWorth Calvary7
8134GREATER VISIONYou Are My King1(2)
934LORE FAMILYI Bring You Jesus3
10214THE SOUNDGod Is Real8
1184GOLD CITYGonna Take It And Leave It8
12174LEFEVRE QUARTETAll the Praise12
13284ZANE & DONNA KINGIn Your Hands11
1448THE KINGSMENThe Church of the Great I Am4
Looks Like Jesus5
162312THE BROWDERSHe Gave14
17223HIGHROADFaith, Hope, Love17
18194THE TAYLORSGod, Do It Again18
1964OLD TIME PREACHERS QUARTETLong Live Old Time Religion6
20114BARRY ROWLAND & DELIVERANCEHeaven Will Fix It All11
21264JOSEPH HABEDANKChild of the King19
221213THE PERRYSJohn 3:16 Is Calling Out to You8
23244PRIMITIVE QUARTETThat Sweet Land Of God Somewhere23
24373THE INSPIRATIONSWe Shall Rise24
25204TIM LIVINGSTONI Give You Me20
26183FIELDS OF GRACEJesus Wept18
27317LEGACY FIVEEnough For Me16
28402PHILLIPS & BANKSSweet Peace28
29354THE LITTLESIf I Don’t Testify8
30273VOICE OF TRUTH QUARTETThere’s Still Power In The Blood27
31304BATES FAMILYSong of the Redeemed30
32444LAUREN TALLEYShut Him Up15
331SCOTTY INMANGrow Up Slow33
34322MERCY’S WELLBless the Waves32
36464THE KRAMERSGreater God25
37343ENDLESS HIGHWAYAbout the Business29
38147THE GUARDIANSBreathe In, Breathe Out14
39252SACRED HARMONYI Can’t Wait25
413613THE NELONSChildren Sing3
42512HEBRON ROADBeauty of the Cross42
443511THE FORESTERSThe God of Gideon31
45422BATCHELOR FAMILYLord I’m Gonna Serve You Anyway42
4747211TH HOURAwake47
483813KAREN PECK & NEW RIVERAnswer Is Jesus5
49492PHILLIPS FAMILYFaith Wins49
50482THE GRIFFINSFly Away With Jesus48
51522SOUNDSTREETReady For Revival51
52592POET VOICESEverybody’s Song52
53415MASTER’S VOICEThen & There17
54572NATHAN WOODARDThank God I’m Not God54
55532BOOTH BROTHERSNot In My Strength53
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