Friday – January 27, 2023

Top 55 Weekly Chart

Greater Vision‘s ode to the seasoned listener, “Older People,” claims the #1 spot this week and becomes the group’s first #1 song from their latest release Think About There. The chart also sees several debuts this week, including the latest songs from Joseph Habedank, The Meadows, and Gordon Mote. Check out all of this week’s top songs!

1217GREATER VISIONOlder People1
2521THE KRAMERSSing Me There 2
3110THE WHISNANTS He Won’t Stay Gone 1
41010THE INSPIRATIONS Ark of His Grace 4
5318THE KINGSMENWhat The Blood Does1
61318THE NELONS Scars In Heaven 1
7119ZANE & DONNA KING Every Miracle And Mystery 7
8610THE PERRYSTell the Grave 8
91814MARK TRAMMELL QUARTET Run to the Door9
10424KINGDOM HEIRSA Heaven Frame of Mind2
121416BOOTH BROTHERS Room Full of Stories 7
13164LEGACY FIVE Testify 13
141212BRIAN FREE & ASSURANCELiar, Liar12
153022MYLON HAYES FAMILYJust As Sure 13
16294GOLD CITYOnce and For All 16
17443THE STEELES A Hundred Different Altars 17
18811THE WILBANKS You Were Never Meant To Stay8
192121THE OLD PATHS Music To Your Ears 6
20721SUNDAY DRIVE God Will Always Be God 7
212216TRIUMPHANT QUARTET Don’t Miss Jesus2
22496THE FREEMANSThe Glory22
232415UNITY 4 Quartet Singin’ 16
243916OLD TIME PREACHERSWhen God’s Chariot Comes19
251518KAREN PECK & NEW RIVER The Keepers9
26277KELLY CRABB In the Sweet By & By 26
271915MASTER’S VOICE Whose Hand You’re In19
28542WILBURN & WILBURNHe Could Love What Was Left Of Me28
302518THE JONESES Morning Mercies And Daily Grace23
31552WES HAMPTONGettin’ Ready to Breathe 31
323713LORE FAMILY You Love, I’ll Judge 18
333511MONTY LANE ALLEN So Happy 33
34348RIVER’S EDGEMy Hope Is In The Blood31
351823COLLINGSWORTH FAMILYWe Need Another Noah3
36RE-ENTRY2MARK BISHOPOne Wide River to Cross 36
374110THE JOYAIRES I’ll Thank You For The Grace 35
38323THE SOUND Never Not God 32
39478LAUREN TALLEYThis Is For You39
41457THE LITTLESI’m Gonna Stand41
42507SOUND STREETForever Gone42
43488BATES FAMILY Shepherd of My Valley41
44262SISTERSEverything You Need Is In The Blood26
453913THE CHITANSGod Like That 33
46RE-ENTRY2THE HYSSONGS When You Believe God 46
47333BARBER FAMILYHe Didn’t Leave Me33
48369FAITH’S CALL Jesus Found Me36
493110LOGAN SMITHLiving In You24
50466THE MCNICHOLSPraise Committee45
511THE MEADOWSFountain of Life51
52RE-ENTRY9PAID IN FULLHallelujah For the Blood43
531GORDON MOTE Just Believe53
54522LEFEVRE QUARTETGod’s Been Good52
55402611TH HOURAwake18
TW – This week on the chartLW – Last week on the chart#WK – Number of weeks on the chart#1 For the Week