REVIEW: The Steeles – Be the Reason

Producer: Wayne Haun
Record Label: StowTown Records

The Steeles have released their newest effort, Be The Reason. We’re only a few months into 2023, but I’m believing this will end up as one of the strongest releases of the year. Let’s dig in, shall we?

The opening track “Bragging on Jesus” is an incredible song of worship and a wonderful introduction to this project, encouraging the believer to join in a cooperate praise. I imagine this song going over very well in concert. Following, is the encouraging worship ballad “Undefeated,” which reminds the believer to “show their fears the empty tomb”, when life is overwhelming. Brad’s vocal is perfect for this song.

“Be The Reason,” the title track, wins the best song on the album award. It is literally the great commission in one upbeat song. I would love to hear this song on radio. Following is the first radio single, “A Hundred Different Altars,” which reminds us that everybody has a burden but the same God of mercy meets us where we are.

“Every Almost” is a song that checked my spirit. Often, we go through disappointments and we can’t let go of the “why”. This song encourages us to look back and see the sovereign hand of God in things that just didn’t quite turn out as we had hoped. I’ve never heard this issue addressed in a song and it blessed me.

“In the Dark” is a fun upbeat song that encourages the listener and reminds us that Jesus will meet us in the dark when we can’t see the bright side. The last song contains one of the strongest lyrics on this recording. “On The Way” is a testimony song that praises Jesus before the prayer is answered and the battle is won. We can all relate and draw from this song.

The Steeles have created an album that is anointed lyrically, brilliant melodically and overall, incredible. Don’t walk… run, to get this recording. Well done!

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