Who’s The Baby? – Dr. Tim Hill

January 3, 2016 0

Many years ago I heard of a mother and her young son walking through a neighborhood during the Christmas season. They came upon a church yard where the Nativity scene was prominently displayed, complete with […]


What Is Your Epitaph – Phil Enloe

January 2, 2016 0

  Hey, I know LIFE is SHORT and all that we’ve accummlated down here on earth, we’ll certainly leave here when we get called to glory. But, if your life could be summed up in […]


Just Believe – Paula Hill

December 30, 2015 0

 “For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be […]


Front Row, Chair 6 – Bryan Hutson

December 29, 2015 0

A few weeks ago, Soul’d Out sang at First Baptist Church in Grove City, OH. It was a Saturday evening concert with our friends; “Soul Purpose Quartet.” As Matt Rankin was beginning the invitation that […]


Is Anybody Listening, Does Anybody Care? -Tim Hill

December 28, 2015 0

 A mix of history and tradition bring us the touching story of George Washington and his beleaguered troops at Valley Forge. Weather beaten, shoeless, hungry and tired, many had lost hope. Writing a letter requesting […]


Perfect Vision – Phil Enloe

December 27, 2015 0

 Hey, how’s you VISION? Well, some people are blessed with PERFECT VISION, and the rest of us, have to wear glasses. But, no matter if your eyes are 20/20 or something less, there’re some things […]


For Goodness Sake – Bryan Hutson

December 24, 2015 0

Recently a group of Atheists paid for a billboard that displayed Santa Claus saying “Skip Church. Just Be Good For Goodness Sake.” It’s sad that so many people believe that “Being good” will be enough. […]


Found a Room Yet, Lord? – Tim Hill

December 22, 2015 0

I stop there every year at this time. I never can just lightly pass by it. It’s the last phrase of Luke 2:7 that says, “There was no room for Him in the inn.” It […]

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