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Heart of Worship

Worship is so much more than a song. Worship is the dwelling place of Almighty God (Psalm 22:3). We choose to worship God because He is good, not based upon our circumstances. When we worship, we freely allow our spirit to testify to the goodness of God from personal experience. We deliberately make the decision to worship.

Worship is the way in which we live our lives. Worship is the attitude of our hearts and even the words which pour from our lips. Quoting Terry Williams, director of the Florida Worship Choir & Orchestra, Lindsey stated, “Worship is our volitional, emotional, and conscious response to God."

Undeniably, all humanity has been created with the desire to worship. It is in our genetic makeup. We seek someone or something to fix our gaze upon and pursue at all costs. Yet we know our hearts are never satisfied until our affections are fully cast upon Creator God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

The decision to worship Him, or withhold worship, ultimately shapes our walk with God and impacts our faith journey. We must entrust our heart of worship to the only One Who is worthy and welcome His presence as we live our lives worshiping Him.

by Lindsey Graham

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