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Pruitt Family

Meet The Pruitt Family

Who is the Pruitt Family? –Our most frequently asked questions, answered!

We are family singing group consisting of Mom, Tina Pruitt, Dad, Mark Pruitt, and two daughters, Brooke and Lexi Pruitt. So far, God has already done so many wonderful things through our ministry- from taking our song “Bring It All to Jesus,” to top 20 in the national charts, to allowing us to travel all over the United States sharing our testimonies and songs, and reaching the lost for Christ. As you can imagine, we get a lot of questions. So we’ve compiled a short list of our most frequently asked questions, and are answering them today for YOU!

Where are you from?
We’re from Jefferson, a small town in Northeast Georgia.

Why is Mark on crutches? Was he in an accident?
Mark was born with cerebral palsy due to lack of oxygen at birth. His parents were told He’d never walk, however God performed a miracle when he was 7 years old, and that’s when he took his first step. He now has the opportunity to share his story with hundreds, and sometimes thousands of people every week.

Do you write your own music?
As of right now, we have not recorded any of our own music. All of our songs have been given to us from songwriters. One of the things we enjoy most when recording a new CD, is listening to all the songs that have been sent to us, and choosing our favorite ones. It can also be tough, because we get so many good songs! As Mama always says, “God didn’t make us the writers, just the deliverers.”

How long have you been singing, and how did you get started?
We started singing in April of 2013. We were asked by a local church to come and help them with their revival. So we went and sung, and from that, we began to get calls from other churches wanting us to do the same. God allowed this trend to continue, and soon enough we had bought a sound system and began working on our first CD. We continue to be amazed at how God opens doors for our ministry.

Do the girls go to school?
Both girls were homeschooled, however Brooke was able to graduate early through an online program when she was in 10th grade. Lexi is in 5th grade now, and is enjoying what we like to call “Roadschooling.”

How old are Brooke and Lexi?
Brooke is 17, and Lexi is 10.

Where do you go to church?
We attend The Grove in Maysville, Georgia. We are honored to have had them mentor us to be leaders before God opened this door to ministry. It’s always such a joy to be with our church family when we are in town, and are able to attend.

How far do you travel to sing?
We have tried very hard not to put boundaries on our ministry. Any time the Lord has opened the door, He has also made a way for us to go. We accept bookings all across the United States.

To learn more about The Pruitt Family, to book us for your event, to purchase our any of our latest CDs, or to see our upcoming schedule of events, visit our website at
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