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Double Portion – Above All Else

Producer:  Blake Bennett
Label:  Independent Release

North Carolina has always boasted a large number of regional/part time groups.  In my opinion, Double Portion is one of the best.  I was pleased when I saw them in concert a few weeks ago and found out that they had released a new CD entitled, “Above All Else.”  Double Portion has always boasted a strong sound with a bit of campmeeting fervor in their music.  This newest release is a good sample of who they are musically.  For those unfamiliar with this group, Double Portion’s sound is one that is built more around “power harmony” than a pretty blend, though there are times that they do have that pretty blend.  But, the groups sound is full of passion and sincerity, and I love it.  In my opinion, Double Portion can just about sing any other group off the platform and I’d put them up against anyone in the industry. 

The campmeeting feel of “I FEEL DELIVERANCE” gets the recording off to a great start and fits Double Portion like a glove.  Things move on to the bluesy, uptempo feel of “SIMPLY UNEXPLAINABLE”, which was penned by group member Paula Sherman.  The Goodman classic, “WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY” slows the pace down slightly as the group turns in their own rendition of this great song.

Written and featuring group member, Jennifer Taylor, “THE STRUGGLE, THE WIN” is remarkable prayer in song of our reliance on the Lord and how frail we really are.  As the lyrics dictate, though sometimes it’s a struggle, we ultimately win…“I’ll be stronger than yesterday, loving You more every day, I’ll trust You with all my life, I know for me You’ll always fight, I’ll seek Your will more than before, that the end is closer than evermore, Lord I want you, Lord I need you in my life.”

The medium tempo, “HERE COMES JESUS”, reminds me of the former McKameys hit song, “Right on Time”, and Jay Wilkins does a very good job on the song.  The only song that doesn’t really work for me is the Joel & LaBreeska Hemphill penned tune, “WHEN JESUS SAYS IT’S ENOUGH”, which was a former hit song for the Gaither Vocal Band.  Great song, it just doesn’t seem to fit the group vocally.

The title song, “ABOVE ALL ELSE” conveys the message that “more than security, more than success, if I must choose to own one thing, I’ll take Jesus above the rest, for if I should obtain the goal, to gain this world and all it holds, and then if I should lose my soul, then I have lost it all…above all else, I must be saved.”  The ultimate goal for the child of God is to make Heaven their Home, and the song speaks volumes of how important salvation really is.

Backed by a choir, “UNDER THE BLOOD” is a soulful tune that leads very well into the easy flowing, country tinged, “VICTORY’S JUST AHEAD”.  Closing out the recording is a remake of the Imperials classic, “PRAISE THE LORD”.

This may be hard to explain, but I know some people will understand what I am trying to say.  One thing that most people may not notice if they have not followed this group is that the biggest difference for me between this latest release and their past recordings is that I miss the “Nashville Sound” that was so evident on their previous works.  Nothing against where this was recorded as it is one of the premier locations, but with the change in studios and producers, it lacked something for me, though it’s still an excellent recording full of great songs, great arrangements, great vocals and great music tracks.


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Written: 10/01/2005 | Category: ReviewsCD Reviews Comments: 4

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Reader Comments

I have recently purchased both of Double Portions new CD'S, and from a Pastor's wife's point of view, I find that their is still that Godly annointing that their other recordings have had. I will also say that not only is their new recordings full of the spirit of the Lord, but you get an even bigger blessing at one of their concerts. 90% of the song they record are original and powerful. You will not find this group trying to keep up with other Gospel singers by recording some of their songs. I don't know why they haven't hit #1 nationwide yet. They are fabulous and a group I would definately recommend getting at your church or just getting the CD's from (they are all fabulous)

By Anna E. Hooten on Tue, October 04, 2005 - 8:23:40

The songwriting quality of Double Portion is spirit filled and will over flow your cup with a high only God's love can provide.
Double Portion's (Above All Else) connects with everyone,which spills over from their personal lives, they provide sutiable role models for our youngsters.. Double Portion stands out in the gospel music industry.
(Above All Else) as well as all Double Portions's music wraps you in the arms of GOD and releases you as a dove from heaven and keeps you in His Care and reminds us of the ture feeling of warmth only GOD'S love can provide.
My prayers go with Double Portion and has since the day most of them were borne. My prayer is that they continue to bless millions with their love for God in music and song.
This groupe is outstanding and WILL fill the music charts to the top with their goal of making heaven rejoyce with their praise and worship.
Thank you for allowing me to express my feeling of love for Double Portion and continue to support them with your prayers.
In God's hands,

By Cindy DeHoog on Sat, October 08, 2005 - 5:49:55

I think it is about time this group gets some recognition. I have every CD they have ever recorded and have to say that they are only getting better. They are one of the best groups I have ever heard. I do want to say that I agree with the review except the part about that "Nashville sound" I do not have an "ear for music" and honestly couldn't care less about a Nashville sould as long as I can feel the Lord in what or anyone is singing asnd in my opinion that is very evident in this recording. That is what makes this group different from the rest.

By Eliza Jones on Wed, October 12, 2005 - 12:48:23

God's best kept secret! A great group of young people sold out to God, and it is very evident in their music as you can feel his annointing in every song. You'll know God's hand is on them if you ever attend one of their performances and see the many souls saved as a result of their dedication and devotion to serving him. All their albums are a must have in my collection! Keep up the great work and May God continue to use you. Carl W.

By Carl Wilkins on Wed, October 12, 2005 - 9:19:47