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Safe Harbor

imageSafe Harbor - A Perfect Name

Just say the name "Safe Harbor" and your mind will sail to a calm, peaceful bay along coastal waters. In the distance stands a light house that sends out a warning to all who see it that safety and security can be found in times of stormy weather and rough seas.

I think it is appropriate and fitting that many years ago Dale Vicars and Johnny Beacham chose the name "Safe Harbor" for their music ministry. Since their inception, the quartet has been a beacon that has shone the light of character and integrity. They boldly proclaim the saving message of Jesus Christ to a world lost on the sea of sin.

Safe Harbor is one of the fastest rising new artists in our genre of music and much of their success could be traced to their leadership team. Their producer is Eddie Crook whose legendary track record speaks volumes. They currently reside on the prestigious MorningStar record label. The Eddie Crook Company handles the artist's management issues with Dave Wilcox heading up the A&R and Marketing Departments for Safe Harbor. Between Crook and Wilcox, these four men can tap into over sixty years of combined wisdom, experience and counsel.

Dale Vicars, manager and baritone singer for Safe Harbor shared with this writer "It's all about the ministry for us. Otherwise, we should sell the bus, the equipment and go home!"

Safe Harbor joined the ECC in 2001 after meeting Mr. Crook and Mr. Wilcox at a company sponsored promotional concert in Pageland, SC. Wilcox recalls "I instantly liked the guys. They had such a passion you could see it all over their faces! It has been a joy to be involved with the guys from the start." Speaking of the guys, let's meet Safe Harbor.

They base their ministry in Williamston, SC. From the beginning it has been Dale Vicars (originally the tenor now the baritone singer) and Johnny Beacham as the lead singer. It is a friendship and partnership that has weathered the storms of tough times and personnel changes through these past nine years. Johnny is not only a great lead singer, he may be one of the funniest guys in the industry. A lot has been written on the internet web sites recently about the other half of this quartet. Legendary bass singer Mike Presnell joined the guys in May after retiring from singing following the demise of Perfect Heart. Mike, a multiple top ten finalist in The Singing News Fan Awards, is a fan favorite across the nation. His dry, down home, country humor is side splitting! The newest addition to Safe Harbor is an ECC alumnus Derrick Boyd as tenor. Dave Wilcox stated "It's great to have Derrick back home in the ECC family! He has always been one of my favorite people in the business."

Safe Harbor has scored multiple hit singles with each radio release according to MorningStar Records. They have been well received at The National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY. Dale and they guys are working a substantial amount of dates with positive response from pastors, music directors and concert promoters. The consensus among industry insiders and observers is that Safe Harbor is poised to become leaders and trendsetters for our music for the next decade.

Written by Davis Dayton

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Written: 04/15/2004 | Category: ArtistsEddie Crook Artist of the Month Comments: 3

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Reader Comments

No doubt about it, we'll be hearing wonderful things from these guys in the very near future. I was blown away at a concert in recent months. Mike Presnell is one of the nation's best bass vocalists. With the recent addition of Derrick (Bill Clinton look-a-like -:-) I'm sure their sound is even better! Dale is right, it IS all about the ministry! God has His hand on this group!

Andy Haynes, Gainesville, FL

By Andy Haynes on Fri, April 16, 2004 - 6:07:32

I had the priviledge to hear Safe Harbor last weekend in Kentucky with another ECC group The Patriot Quartet. I must say both groups did an outstanding job. I've been listening to Mike Presnell sing since Perfect Heart began, but I've never heard him sound better. His stories are still funny too. You will hear a lot out of this group in the future.

By Garry Polston on Thu, April 22, 2004 - 8:42:32

Safe Harbor is a great group because they are made up with great personnel. They have a heart for spreading God's love through song and are poised to become one of the leaders in the industry. It's a privelage to be associated with them. JoeWhite/Patriot Qt.

By Joe on Fri, April 30, 2004 - 3:46:21