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Aaron Wilburn

With over 8 Million hits and numerous accolades, Aaron Wilburn is known as one of the most successful Southern Humorists around. He is a regular on the Gaither Homecoming Series and can be found at auditoriums and churches around the country making people laugh. Aaron’s songwriting has also garnered him a plethora of awards and recognitions. His brand new DVD, Why?, releases March 17 , 2009 on Right Minded Records and will be distributed by Word Entertainment. For more information on Aaron Wilburn, log onto .

Aaron, I know that you started out with the Happy Goodmans as a guitar player, while there you wrote some great songs. Just how many hats have you worn in your career?

Does pumping gas at a service station count?? LOL I also picked cotton until I was delivered from the cotton field at the age of 13 when we moved to town!! I started out playing rhythm guitar in the Goodman Family studio, and then, less than a year later went on the road with them to play on stage and to sing solo in the concerts. I had started writing songs when I was 11 years old, and have continued writing. I have also produced several projects in the studio. One of my favorites was the album I produced for Bob Cain when he first started singing Gospel. I also wrote a song for him “A New Song To Sing,” which was later recorded also by Jake Hess, and both he and Bob Cain sang on the Gaither Video series.

At what point in your life did you recognize that comedy was a tool you could use in your ministry?

I never planned to be a comedian or humorist. When I left the Happy Goodman Family in 1975 to travel by myself, I had a major problem....Sam had always introduced me on stage because of my shyness. Being alone meant I had to talk, and people would ask me about traveling with the HGF and so I naturally told some funny road stories, and people enjoyed it. I continued with stories of my life---folks started asking for the comedy, so I recorded a little cassette, and it went from there!!

Are you still active with your songwriting talents?

I'm still writing, but not as much as I once did. I have at least 1500 songs that I am currently organizing to pitch to singers for possible recording. I will be writing as long as I live. I DO humor, but I AM a songwriter, that's the part of what I do that I hope will last long after I'm gone.

What are your inspirations when you develop a comedy routine?

Sometimes my humor is nothing more than a vehicle for laughter. At other times you will find politcal truth (as I see it) or the reality of life situations, and even an occasional insight on religion, etc.

You have a brand new Video coming out. Tell us about it.

My new DVD is titled WHY? because there are just some things that make me wonder . . . why?? I think it is my best both in quality and the material. I really enjoyedrecording this one. It was taped in Ephrata, PA with my friends Tim Lovelace and Ryan Bomgardner and a great audience!! I deal with everything from dieting to belly button rings and tattoos, so it a little more edgy than my previous dvd's, however it's still very famiy-friendly and definitely G-rated.

I get an E-mail every day called "Funny Stuff". The other day I opened it, and low and behold, there was Aaron Wilburn talking about if your nose was running money, you'd blow it all over me. I notice that you are getting a ton of hits on YouTube with your videos. Is all of this exposure opening any doors for you?

The YouTube thing started overnight for me! One morning we opened up the email in the office to find cd/dvd orders from all over the U.S., Canada, and a half dozen other countries because of YouTube. The orders still continue to this day, and I have performed at many corporate functions because of it,-everything from insurance companies, banks, farm bureau conferences and Burger King functions, and more! It has been a huge blessing for me.

In these scary times of financial woes, and job uncertainty, how do you see your comedy effecting people?

After 9/11 there was a news story on tv about comedy, and the fact that it is more popular in times of trouble/war, etc. than any other time. I am sure of this,when people hurt, they need to laugh, when they need to get their mind off problems, they need to laugh, and I know that with the fear and concerns people have these days, we all need to laugh, so I think it is medicine for the spirit, and there's no adverse affects!

Is there a place at Southern Gospel concerts for Christian comedians? How are you being accepted?

I could never say" thank you" enough to the southern gospel audience for the kindness and love I have been shown. I know that people go to concerts to be moved by the message, and to be encouraged by the songs, but I also believe that people love to laugh and be entertained by humor that will not make you blush or cover the children's ears. The other night in a concert with a rather long line-up, I had two older men tell me, "Thanks for waking me up". LOL

If a church or promoter wants to have you at a service or concert, what can they expect to see?

When I do a concert or church service, I always want to know what the pastor/promoter wants. At times it will be 100% humor, at other times, when asked to , I include inspirational songs/stories if asked for. I try my very best to tailor my performance according to the need of the group/church.

If someone wanted to get in touch with you for a concert, how would they go about that?

The easiest way is to simply go my website . I can also be contacted thru my office 615-826-2733.

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Reader Comments

I have my copy of WHY? ordered & can hardly wait for it to come. No matter how often I hear Aaron's routines they still leave me laughing until my face hurts.

By Elaine Harcourt on Mon, March 16, 2009 - 10:08:23

I met Aaron in the early '70's when I ocassionaly worked at Goodmans Studio in Madisonville, KY. He may not realize this, but he was funny even back then. Great guy, who has written a ton of great songs. Well done my friend.

Ben Harris

By Ben Harris on Fri, March 20, 2009 - 5:12:45

I met Aaron at Owensboro, KY at a Crabbfest songwriting seminar. He gave me some great advice on songwriting. In fact, as I was leaving Owensboro that afternoon, I passed by a church where the marquee said, "God Said It, I believe it, and that's enough". I wrote that down and came up with a song called "God Said It".
Thanks Aaron.

By Ronnie Fields on Thu, April 09, 2009 - 7:44:32

Ive heard Karen Peck sing 4 days late but believe you wrote it,Ive written 33 biblical poems+4 songs published in Saints & Sinners available on for $11.AU less US,have no parking but if any would like to visit or relocate here fly to Brisbane a bus is cheap get a taxi to my sons at 27 A Muir St Labrador walk under a carport roof at 27 B & knock on the sliding glass door,my phone is 55912952 07 or 617 in front for long distance God bless Peter

By Peter Bardsley on Thu, May 18, 2017 - 9:26:32


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