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Freedom in Worship ! ! !

I’m a UK Basketball fan. (#bigbluenation) When my team is down by two with two
seconds to go and a player takes and makes a three point shot, you better bet I’m
expressing my emotions. I’m jumping up and down, clapping, and yelling, all while I am
watching the game in my living room. Put me in an arena with 6,000 other fans and I
will be hoarse the next day. We have NO, and I mean NO reservations when it comes
to our sports team(s). We’re fans! Fanatics! We just can’t help it!

What about Jesus? Are we crazy about Him and His kingdom like we are about
our sports teams? Of course the answer is resoundingly “yes” but how we fall short
time and again communicating this to our God. How much more should we erupt with
applause and whistles and cheers when a believer is baptized on a Sunday morning?
You can be certain the angels in glory rejoice in anticipation at the sound of stirred
baptismal waters. So what is our disconnect? Is it how we were raised? Are we
concerned over what others may think? Or have we never freely connected our
emotions to our worship?

To the dismay of every Southern Baptist, David danced before the Lord. My
pastor jokingly clarified, “It was actually choreography.” A jovial choir member added,
“Yes, the writer made a mistake. It wasn’t really dancing.” Oh, but it was! In reading 2
Samuel 6:12-14, it seems if David did not dance before his God he would implode! We
are not all called to introduce interpretive dance to every worship service nor should we
base our worship on our emotions or feelings. However, worship is emotional and we do
ourselves the greatest disservice when we attempt to worship without our emotions.

We make a statement when we praise and testify through our worship that we
BELIEVE our God is able and He is worthy. That truth resonates throughout our entire
being and when it does nothing can detour our praise. So here’s the challenge. God
may be calling you to be the first in your church to worship with an uplifted hand. Go
ahead and lift your hand in adoration and proclamation as you sing Holy, Holy, Holy.
Allow God’s worship to well up within your heart and wash over your soul. Worship
which draws all attention and glory to God is pleasing and honoring to Him.

We must worship and we must express our praise & gratitude. It is who we are
and how we were created. A respected leader in the area of church worship, Terry
Williams, recently offered a peace of mind to all worshiping believers. He said, “The last
time I checked no where in the Bible does it say, ‘Thou shall not emote.”

There you have it! Permission granted. But, more than permission, we have a duty to worship.
Scripture is clear if we do not, the very rocks will cry out (Luke 19:40). Interestingly, the
rocks will CRY out. Even an inanimate object will respond emotionally to its Creator if
we choose to withhold our praise because God is worthy!

Take the first step toward freedom in worship by willing your emotions to connect to the lyrics of the songs and the
truth in God’s Word. The One Who is calling you is faithful indeed (1 Thessalonians 5:24).

About This Article - Freedom in Worship ! ! !

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Written: 03/01/2015 | Category: Artists Comments: 6

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