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Give Him Praise

I believe Philippians 4:19 is too often misunderstood and misinterpreted by well-meaning Christians. Paul wrote the assuring words that, “My God shall supply all you need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Most readers make the assumption that Paul is speaking of heaven when he refers to “glory.” Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The Greek word used here for glory is doxa. This word, or its derivative, is used 151 times in the New Testament and carries the definitions of “dignity, glory, honor, praise, or worship.” I’m sure most have heard of The Doxology…a brief song of “praise” used in many of our churches around the world. It is sung to ascribe “dignity, glory, honor, praise, and worship” to the Godhead. The other word used in the NT for glory means “to boast.” It is used 26 times. In the 177 times these two Greek words are used, neither is ever used in reference to heaven. To assume so would be a gross misinterpretation of the Scriptures.
There are 298 references in the Bible to the word “heaven or heavenly.” In every case the root word in Greek is ouranos which is used when referring to “heaven, sky, air, celestial, or the abode of God.” When the Holy Spirit wanted to convey a thought He knew the exact word to use in order to transmit that message to the readers of the Bible. He purposely chose NOT to use ouranos when inspiring Paul to write the Epistle to the Philippian Church.

I believe the Holy Spirit used Paul to is advise the Church that the riches he speaks of are what we ascribe to God by the degree of our praise (“glory”) of or in Jesus Christ. Your praise acknowledges, embraces and confesses the qualities and attributes of Christ’s Deity that will be used by God to supply your need. The “riches” (Greek: ploutos means wealth, fullness, abundance, valuable bestowment, accomplish, supply, or fill) of your praise create the riches of your storehouse of God’s blessings.
Let’s look at an example of this insight. If you hardly recognize or acknowledge Christ as your Healer, you will severely limit the amount of healing you will expect to receive from Him when you need healing. If He is a “little healer” you will only look for a “little help.” The wealth with which you worship and praise Him will expand the supply that will be accessible for your need. Poor praise reaps poor provisions: copious praise brings copious showers of blessing.

It is also true that, if you do not richly praise Him as your provider, you will diminish the financial capacity available to you when you have a need of finances. This principle of maximizing your praise will reap rewards by the “manifold grace (Greek: charis =s gift, benefit, favor, and LIBERALITY) of God.”
While it is very true, and precisely scriptural, that we can “lay up treasures in heaven,” Philippians 4:19 is NOT a verse that tells us WHERE the treasures are stored but HOW to get them to the storehouse. Paul says the way is through expansive, exuberant, and extravagant praise of God. His statement can become the catalyst to a lifestyle of powerful and purposeful praise which, in turn, will provide a lifeline of supplies in abundance.

If you worship a big God, you will see Him do BIG things for you. Hopefully, this insight will put you on a path of praise that will pave the way to your promised land of blessings…one that “flows (not drips) with milk and honey.” Selah…“pause and think about this.”

***A Personal Word to Our Readers from Dr. Frazier****
There are great insights to be derived from the study of the Greek New Testament. Each month I will endeavor to share a nugget of truth from the Book of Truth, God’s Eternal Word. These will be concise and should not intrude into your time or opportunity to explore the richness of the vein from which they were extracted. That is for you and the Holy Spirit to excavate together. These nuggets are just to let you know where to begin the digging, if you so desire. They are NOT designed to be an exhaustive commentary providing all the answers on the subject. The Spirit will guide you in how deep to dig. The Greek will be presented in a way that is easy to understand (transliterated) and easy to verify (“SC” refers to Strong’s Concordance). With a little help, you can check the assayers report for yourself. So, pull out this shiny, new nugget and see where it leads you. Please feel free to share your questions, observations or insights with our readers and me. Website:

About This Article - Give Him Praise

Donald Frazier's avatar Author: Donald Frazier | Author's Website:
Written: 07/01/2014 | Category: Monthly ArticlesGolden Nuggets Comments: 3

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