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Paul Crouch, President of TBN Passes Away.

Founder and President of Trinity Broadcasting Network, Paul Crouch, passed away at 2:30 AM this morning. Paul and Jan Crouch were pioneers in religious broadcasting on Television. Their programming of music, preaching, teaching and conversation or talk shows were a new breed for religious programming.

Through the work of TBN millions have come to know the Lord, Jesus Christ as Savior, and tens of millions have had their lives changed through the various ministries on the network, not only in America, but across the world.
Paul Crouch was a fan of Southern Gospel Music and shared it on TBN helping to advance the audience of Gospel Music.

More information as to the arrangements will be coming as we receive them.

About This Article - Paul Crouch, President of TBN Passes Away.

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Written: 11/30/2013 | Category: News & Scoops Comments: 0

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