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The Haire Family - A Fresh Glimpse

imageProducer Eddie Howard
Recorded at Makkedah Music, Greenville, SC
Rick Hendrix Company Label

The Haire Family has a real flair for doing up tempo numbers. I’d like to hear them doing more of them. A great example of this is the opening song on the CD. “Over The Edge” will have your toes tapping, yet the message of the song is still strong.

The first radio release from this project is a beautiful ballad. “Behind The Veil” will have your hands raised in worship. Switching to a strong “country” feel, “A Fresh Glimpse Of Calvary” was written by Greg Day. There is no hidden message in this song. One of my favorite songs on the CD is “There Stood Jesus”. The message of the song is one we can all identify with, as when we are accused by Satan of all our wrong doings, there stands Jesus, claiming us as one of His. Written by Rick Hendrix, “The Blood Will Lead You Home”, has a little bit of a “swing” to it. Group member Trinity Merrit shows her writing abilities on the bluegrass number “Throw Out The Lifeline.” Other songs include the Dottie Rambo classic “The Holy Hills”, “A River Runs Through It”, another Greg Day song, “I Believe”, and “You Can’t Have My Victory.”

In my opinion this is the best Haire Family recording ever. I would like to hear them be a little clearer on their vowel pronunciation, but in all, their harmony is about as good as family harmony gets.

Rating : 4 Star Rating

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Deon Unthank's avatar Author: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Written: 05/31/2003 | Category: CD Reviews Comments: 6

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Reader Comments

Great review, Deon. This is a great CD, and they're even better live. Go see the Haire Family whenever you get the chance.

By Duane Clem on Tue, June 03, 2003 - 12:35:32

Honeslty, the Haire family was at the HisSong Homecoming, and they were really good.. and as far as their pronunciation goes, that is what make them who they are and stands them out from all the rest that is their trade mark..and if anyone need to correct pronunciation, maybe you need to review the Country singer "REBA" but there again.. that is what makes her who she is... that is HER trade mark>>>>

By carl cordell on Mon, June 23, 2003 - 4:58:41

I hate to disagree. bit bad pronunciation is NOT a trademark. What makes your "trademark" is you're own style and interpretation of the song. I do know though that bad pronunciation can do more harm then good. I've never heard the Haire Family, so I won't comment on their album. What Deon wrote regarding vowel pronunciation is a problem with a lot of singers, so let's not take this too personal. Vowel Pronunciation when done correctly can add 20 years to your vocal ability, not to mention help your fans understand what you are singing.

On another note, we don't review country albums, we review Southern Gospel. If Reba wanted to make an SG album, we'd be more than happy to review it.

PS...The Haire Family got FOUR stars...that's an AWESOME review! Why are we complaining about it?

By Amy Marie on Tue, June 24, 2003 - 6:19:51

The Haire Family is the greatest gospel trio i've ever heard 2nd to the kingdom heirs. i know, i live down the street from them and i go to church with them so take my advice that they are a great gospel trio, as well as great people.

By Nick Speaks on Fri, October 08, 2004 - 3:42:14

I won't say they're the GREATEST TRIO EVER, but they're as good as the greatest!
Along with being REALLY GOOD, they are for REAL and God is REAL & 1ST in their lives. As well as being a talented singer, to make a song really great, I believe a singer has to LIVE & BELIEVE what they sing! These folks DO JUST THAT!!

By Judy Sawyer on Fri, June 11, 2010 - 11:43:40

I Love The Haire Family, they are a Blessing to me. I LOVE to hear them sing. Every morning on my way to school I pop in a cd of theirs and sing along with them. I Love You Bro. Don, Trinity and Barbara y'all are such a Blessing to me. The Lord is so Good.

By Rachel Blake on Mon, April 08, 2013 - 4:06:18