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The Isaacs - The Living Years

Producer: Ben Isaacs
Label: Gaither Music Group

Finally, after hearing so much about it, seeing the group themselves do a few of these new songs live in different concerts the past few months, the long awaited much anticipated NEW release from one of “nearly everyone’s” favorite family groups, THE ISAAC’s has arrived! THE LIVING YEARS released through Gaither Music and produced by Ben Isaac’s along with the legendary and amazing Bill Gaither, this collection of songs will undoubtedly be considered one of the BEST of 2013 and most likely carry on as one of their finest releases in their illustrious music career. Ben, Sonya, Becky and Lily shine in every way on this recording. From the choosing of the songs, to the arranging of the songs, then to the absolutely stunning cover and finally to the sequence of the songs that are on the project, every base has been covered and it is delectable treat for the listener. Of course The Isaacs are known for their amazing harmonies, songs & performances that cover several genres of music including Bluegrass, Southern Gospel, Country, Folk, Inspirational and then some. This is a project that I will for certain, give to many of my friends who love all styles of music. It is a must have!

Yes, I am a fan and I have loved the Isaac’s since the very first time I encountered them in concert a dozen or so years ago and so this project just takes my “fan nature” a step or two higher. This project not only offers a variety of their styles, but each one of the vocals that Sonya, Becky, Ben and Lily sing are so clear and pristine, and they truly live each lyric out with their vocals.

Starting off the project is a remake of a hit pop radio song called “The Living Years” by Mike and the Mechanics from the early 80’s, and I wasn’t sure what I was going to think of it until I listened to it several times through. Perfect song with great lyrics that we can identify with and beautiful harmonies for them to showcase one another on, just a fresh wonderful start to the project. Captures you right away with intrigue. Then leading into something they are so known and loved for, their acapella music…”Walk Together Children” shines. There are several other great acapella songs on the project that showcase their rich harmonies and superb arrangements, including the classic hymn “I Must Tell Jesus”.

The Isaac’s have always been Rambo fans, and they have always treated the music, life and legacy of Buck, Dottie and Reba with the finest of respect, admiration and love. Of course Reba, Buck and Dottie always said The Isaac’s were some of the best and absolutely love them. I cannot ever hear Dottie’s classic “Mama’s Teaching Angels How To Sing”, and be reminded of their unforgettable and heart moving performance of the song at Dottie’s funeral. They are fans of one another and I love that. So when I heard this new version of “If That Isn’t Love”, I sat and cried. One of my all-time favorite re-makes of a Dottie song. I cannot say enough about that beautiful version of this song.

I loved hearing Lily take the lead on two songs, the first being a song that was one of the first Contemporary Christian songs that I ever heard when I first got saved in the early 70’s. “For Those Tears I Died” still has a relevant message and offers hope for all of us, and Lily so sweetly and assuredly sings it with such great passion. She also honors her heritage with a beautiful song, “Shalom My Home”.

“Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive” added such a fun flavor to the CD, and made me want to pull out some other 1940’s Andrews Sisters style music out. I think this will be a concert favorite and crowd pleaser…just a really fun song that Ben takes the lead on.

I would put their version of “Grandpa, Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Old Days” right up there with The Judd’s original recording. This song just makes one feel good about going home to their home-place, the simple life, sharing the love of family and friends. Love their harmonies on this song and their delivery of a classic song that so many know and love.

Those long time blue grass Isaac fans will love all of the project, but most certainly love “Daniel Prayed”. It will get you toes tapping and some good hand clapping taking place.

Another tear-jerker to me, is the new song “I Wanna Be There”, which I don’t have the credits in front of me, but I think Jimmy Yeary (Sonya’s talented husband) and Sonya herself wrote. What a powerful song that will so gently remind all of us that one day we will all be healed completely and be with Him forevermore. Amazing song that will live on for many years. Again, their vocals just dance with emotion on every song they sing.

Closing out the project is “The Lord’s Prayer”, and honestly there is not much I can say about it except to say WOW!!! Done once again in that amazing acapella style that they are so known and loved for, I truly had to stand up while it played. Just so mighty and yet so reverent.

So now, I have played the project over and over and over again, several times. I am going to shut my office door and listen to “If That Isn’t Love” one more time, and thank God for loving me back to life again, and for entrusting Sonya, Becky, Lily and Ben with the powerful gift of music that will touch all of us on this journey.

Absolutely an incredible project that I will give 4 and ½ stars too!!!

Song List:

The Living Years
Walk Together Children
If That Isn’t Love
Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive
For Those Tears I Died
I Must Tell Jesus
Grandpa Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Old Days
Daniel Prayed
I Wanna Be There
I Am A Child of God
Leave It On The Altar
I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
Shalom My Home
The Lord’s Prayer

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