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  1.    ovoilupot on: Award-winning Tenor DAVID PHELPS Takes His All-NEW Recording FREEDOM to the Stage for a LIVE DVD ~ 10/09/2015
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  2.    Sarah Noll on: The Disciples Quartet Seeking Alto ~ 10/09/2015
    2007 was a long time ago. Does your group still exist?
    Have you found your alto? ...more
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  4.    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on: Meet The Bliderbacks ~ 10/08/2015
    I love the Bilderbacks! I attended a Bilderback Homecomming Celebration a couple of years ago and we fell in love with this family. We were treated so kind by this family and what a concert! I am so glad to see them doing well. ...more
  5.    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on: Tom Lovato - You Were Always There ~ 10/07/2015

    I just found this wonderful review of my last cd, "You Were Always There" tonight after the Wed night service. I was looking for something else and happened upon your review. Thank you so much for your positive review.

    I have a new cd coming out anytime now. I have already approved the… ...more
  6.    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on: Christians and Fake News ~ 09/29/2015
    Well said... ...more
  7.    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on: Monday - September 21, 2015 ~ 09/26/2015
    Ernie haase Jesus changed everything is a great song ...more
  8.    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on: Definitive Cuts: Songs Written by Vep Ellis ~ 09/22/2015
    I thought as a young man, Vep Ellis songs were songs of greatness like
    Mosie Lister. My quartet loved his songs. Vep wrote songs with meat in
    them. They were enjoyable yet they ministered to me. Sure miss his songwriting. ...more
  9.    Maureen Haworth on: Maureen Haworth - It's Time ~ 09/20/2015

    Thank you so much, Carol, for the lovely review. I sincerely appreciate your very kind words.
    Thank you, Absolutely Gospel, for the fantastic job you do and for providing me an opportunity to have my CD reviewed.
    If I may, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful artists that worked with me… ...more
  10.    Susana Barker on: The Signature Sounds of Devin McGlamery ~ 09/16/2015
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Daily Devotional

Journal in the Trash Can

Christy Sutherland's avatar
If there’s anything that I’ve felt God saying to me these past few days, it is that He is sovereign. He is in control. He’s got this.

Oct 09, 2015 | Christy Sutherland | [0] Comments

Next Generation

Jonathan Taylor-Next Generation

Chris Jenkins's avatar
Growing up as the middle child of a family of six, His father was a Baptist minister and mother, the minister of music at a small church in Lillington, North Carolina. His parents have ministered there for 29 years, so he’s never known anything else.

Oct 01, 2015 | Chris Jenkins | [0] Comments

Healthy U

August 2015

Mindy Isaacs's avatar
This month - Mindy Isaacs gives practical advice and runs through several exercises with you in this month's edition of Healthy U!

Aug 01, 2015 | Mindy Isaacs | [0] Comments

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Terah Crabb Penhollow - Stronger

Sep 09, 2015 | AGM | [0] Comments

Tribute - Those Who Know Me Know

Sep 09, 2015 | AGM | [0] Comments

Chris Golden - Shoebox

Sep 09, 2015 | AGM | [0] Comments

Watts, Rowsey & Bean - Faith

Sep 09, 2015 | AGM | [0] Comments

Steve Ladd - Not Guilty

Sep 09, 2015 | AGM | [0] Comments


Jewels I Found On My Bookshelf

Deon Unthank's avatar
These books are not necessarily in the order of how much I enjoyed them, but more of what order I found them in my bookcase.

Sep 18, 2015 | Deon Unthank | [0] Comments

Monthly Articles

Alan Kendall's avatar

Blackwood Brothers, Box Sets, 78s, and Random Observations

Oct 01, 2015 | Alan Kendall | [0] Comments

Bill Lloyd's avatar

The CHURCH HYMNAL:  “I Want To Know More About My Lord”

Oct 01, 2015 | Bill Lloyd | [0] Comments

Ruth Anderson's avatar

Christian Fiction Queen: The Healer’s Apprentice

Oct 01, 2015 | Ruth Anderson | [0] Comments

Janice Crow's avatar

Corn Amazing

Oct 02, 2015 | Janice Crow | [0] Comments

Woman To Woman

Susan Whisnant

Pamela Unthank's avatar
Pam sits down with Susan Whisnant (of The Whisnants) in this month's Woman to Woman feature!

Oct 05, 2015 | Pamela Unthank | [0] Comments

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Jason Crabb
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4 Stars

Collingsworth Family
[0] Comments
4-1/2 Stars

The Whisnants
[0] Comments
4 Stars

Sam Robson
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4 Stars

David Wesley
[1] Comments
4 Stars


In The Words of Chris

Christians and Fake News

Chris D. Unthank's avatar
Chris takes a small moment to reference the trend on social media that he sees as a major problem in the Christian and Gospel music community.

Jul 16, 2015 | Chris D. Unthank | [1] Comments

Artist Features

TheBilderbacks's avatar

Meet The Bliderbacks

Oct 06, 2015 | TheBilderbacks | [1] Comments

Karen Harding's avatar

Letting Go of Fear

Oct 01, 2015 | Karen Harding | [0] Comments

CowboyJim's avatar

I’m Going Home

Oct 02, 2015 | CowboyJim | [0] Comments

The Williamsons's avatar

Leave It There

Oct 01, 2015 | The Williamsons | [0] Comments

Weekly Chart

Monday - October 5, 2015

[0] Comments | Oct 05, 2015
11th Hour holds on to the #1 spot for a third consecutive week with their hit single and fan favorite "Jesus Is In the House."

Fan favorite this week was 2nd Generation's "Soul Searching." Other songs that were popular among voters included the latest singles from the Down East Boys, Ivan Parker, Jordan's Bridge, and Butler, Hughes & Hayes. Stop in and vote for your favorite songs!

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