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jaquitaWhen I first joined the Kingsmen nearly four years ago, I began hearing of this trio our mutual record company had just signed, called 11th Hour. The more I began to take notice of them and hear them on the radio, it became clear what a special bunch this was. Not long after, we were scheduled to appear together in Oak Grove, LA. Upon setting up my merchandise booth, I met their new alto vocalist, in the neighboring booth. We talked about groups like the Kingsmen, Gold City, Perrys, and southern gospel in general. 30 minutes later we had covered what seemed like the entire history of those Southern Gospel groups that we both grew up loving. The trio gave a spirit filled performance and brought the house down with their latest radio single that night. I understood then, that they had that “something” that was propelling them to the forefront of gospel music.
Before joining 11th Hour, this Camden, Arkansas native was employed for nearly nine years as a stylist at Hair-club. She is no stranger to ministry. Growing up, her parents, Ed and Joanie Lindsey, pastored several churches and evangelized, singing along side her brother and dad, she later became a worship leader. Although doing hair has been a passion, she always dreamed of landing a job singing Southern Gospel. God answered that prayer and brought her to where she is today.

Aside from her love of this great music and the industry, she is a seasoned vocalist and it’s very evident she handles her craft very seriously and with great precision. Above all, she’s a great individual with a bubbly personality and loved by many of her peers in Southern Gospel. She’s what I believe is one of the next great altos and female vocalists in gospel music and will no doubt be mentioned with great first name altos such as Connie, Sheri, and Libbi. Jaquita is without question the next generation of Southern Gospel. It’s my pleasure to present an in depth conversation with Jaquita Lindsey!

Chris – How did you first discover Southern Gospel?
Jaquita- Growing up, my dad promoted Southern Gospel music in our area. I grew up loving groups such as the Perrys, Kingsmen, Gold City, Wilburns and Cathedrals

CJ- What is playing right now in your car or iPod?
JL- I am a HUGE Third Day fan. I frequently listen to their albums in my car. Also, I’ve been on an old school Kingsmen kick on YouTube! Tim Surrett scolded me for using the term “old” concerning him, ha!

CJ- Who are some of your musical mentors/heroes?
JL- Libbi Stuffle has always been a hero of mine. Her enduring efforts to keep going, after all that she has been through, has always been inspiring to me.

CJ- If you could make your own all-star quartet, trio, or duo, who would the members be?
JL- What an interesting thought! I would choose Mike Bowling or Joseph Habedank for my lead. If I don’t choose my best friend Nicole Watts Jenkins as my soprano, I would never hear the end of it haha. And myself on alto, of course.

CJ- Top album every SG fan should have.
JL- The most recent that I have heard would have to be that of Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, Happy People. It’s a great cd!

CJ- Where have you always wanted to perform and why do you hope to get to someday?
JL- The Opry! My grandfather listened in every week. It would have made him very proud to know that I had the opportunity to sing on that stage.

CJ- What is the most interesting fact about you?
JL- The thing that most people do not know is that I am a hairdresser. That explains my awesome hair! smile

CJ- How do you feel about the direction of Southern Gospel music? What would you change if you could?
JL- (This is a loaded question!) I see a progression with some of the groups. The music is a little more “out of the box” than it has always been. I think it is great! Unfortunately, we have a generation coming up that is not being taught the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus. The music needs to be appealing so that will hear the positive lyrics. Who doesn’t like a tune to put “pep” in their step?

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