The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year!
Our Thanksgiving was filled with tons of laughter, wonderful moments with our families, food, and more food. To top it all off, Bradley and I found out that our little bundle of joy, set to arrive in April, will be a little baby boy! We, along with our families, are thrilled to be welcoming this little baby into the world and covet your prayers for us as we try our best to train him up in the Lord.

ornamentNowadays the “reveal” is a pretty big deal, so we decided to join in the fun. The day after Thanksgiving we got our families together for pizza and cupcakes. Everyone received a cupcake but only one contained icing in the color of the baby’s gender. We instructed the person that bit into blue or pink to yell it out. What a sweet moment we all were able to share as my mom got the cupcake and yelled, “IT’S A BOY!” I made my mom and my mother-in-love the little keepsake ornament pictured below!

The next few weeks will be busy for our family as I’m sure it will be for everyone. We just kicked off our holiday season today with our first Christmas concert. I always love our Christmas concerts because they give me quite a bit of time to stop and reflect on the birth of our Savior. Emmanuel, God with us. What a wonderful thought! I hope you will take some time to think on the fact that Love came to this Earth for you and I for the sole purpose to rescue us and set us free from our sin. It can become familiar to us if we let it, but let’s all fight that this season. The birth of the Savior is the sweetest gift God has ever sent to this Earth.

I’m also excited about these concerts because I will get to sing songs from my very first solo album titled, “Christmas Dreams.” In fact, it just came in the mail this past week. It is always hard to pick out songs for an album, and especially hard when you love Christmas music as much as I do. I think you all will love the collection of songs – some traditional songs that we all know and love, mixed with a few other new Christmas tunes that I know you’ll grow to love. It’s classic Christmas feel from beginning to end! If you would like a copy, you can get one at our website,, and click on the store.

My prayer for everyone is that this holiday season will bring a fresh sense of God’s presence in your lives. And if you get the chance, try and find someone you can bless over these next few weeks. I promise that blessing will really be yours!

Merry Christmas, friends!

Rebecca Little Burke
The Littles