Chris Jenkins Talks With Anchormen Bass Singer Will Lane

It was a mid-July evening in 2004 when I sat down in a central NC Baptist church gymnasium, for an annual concert, I most always attended. I had seen this group many times before, but tonight would be different. This would be the first time I would hear their brand-new bass vocalist and the last time I would hear them with my friend and long-time tenor vocalist, before he departed to begin singing for Gold City later that month. I sat anxiously waiting until finally the emcee introduced them, “Ladies and Gentlemen, please make welcome, The Anchormen!”

The 21 year old bass singer from Rockwell, NC, stepped out that night, flat-footed and hit notes that I’d only heard very few men sing, and sing that smoothly. I became a fan of Will Lane’s bass singing from that night forward.

Will was a part of the Anchormen from May 2004 and in 2006, exited the group to help launch another ministry called, Driven. However, in December of 2014, Will rejoined the Anchormen and continues to thrill audiences across America with his smooth, rich bass tones. With over a decade of experience on the road, he has perfected his craft and remained dedicated to the call on his life. Will and his wife Mindy make their home in Goldsboro, NC.

Now, as a member of The Anchormen myself, I am excited to see what God is going to do with both The Anchormen and Will. He rightfully takes his place in the next generation of premiere southern gospel bass singers.

Chris Jenkins – How did you first discover Southern Gospel?

Will Lane
Will Lane

 Will Lane – I first discovered Southern Gospel when I was a young child going to concerts with my mother and father. This instilled in me a passion for the music. As I grew older, my friends from church and I would attend concerts regularly as a teenager. I never would miss a good concert when it was going to be nearby to my home town.

CJ – What is playing right now in your car or iPod?

WL – While traveling down the road, I listen to the classics; such as the Cathedrals and the Statesmen.

CJ – Who are some of your musical mentors/heroes?

WL – My musical mentors are George Younce and Tim Riley. Both of these men have made a huge impact on gospel music and have tremendous vocal talent.

CJ – If you could make your own all-star quartet, trio, or duo, who would the members be?

WL – My all-star quartet would be David Phelps, Michael English, Mark Trammell, Jimmy Jones.

CJ – What’s the top album every SG fan should have?

WL – The top album every SG fan should have is by the Cathedral Quartet entitled Christmas Acapella.

CJ – Where have you always wanted to perform and why do you hope to get to someday?

WL – I have always wanted to perform at a Billy Graham crusade. I have always looked up to Billy Graham and his ministry that he has the ability to reach thousands of people to lead to Christ. The opportunity to stand on stage at one of his crusades would be very inspiring.

CJ – What is the most interesting fact about you?

WL – The most interesting fact about me that many may not know is my love for the season of Christmas. Jesus’ birthday is of course the most important and celebrating the magic and spirit of the season.

CJ – How do you feel about the direction of Southern Gospel music? What would you change if you could?

WL – I feel that southern gospel music is still a positive influence in people’s lives. More and more artists are coming up at younger ages helping to keep the best music in the world alive. We must continue to keep spreading the good news through song all across the world.