Ready Or Not, Here We Come!!!!!

The Kings Heralds
The Kings Heralds

West Coast, ready or not, here we come! Over the past month, we have been working in the Western part of the United States. As some of you know, our west coast tour lasts from late March through the first week or so of August. This month, our travels take us out through Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. We have discovered that our friends out in those parts really enjoy gospel music!

For the past several months we’ve been telling you about a new CD that we’ve been working on. It’s called “Telling The World.” For those of you that enjoy the old convention style shaped note songs, this is right up your alley. Some of the songs included are “Telling The World About His Love,” “He Set Me Free,” If You Know The Lord,” “Rainbow Of Love” and “What A Precious Friend Is He,” just to name a few. Response to the songs has been great so far and we are having so much fun performing these songs!! The new Cd will be available for purchase at our website Be sure to order your copy!
Next month we will give you a report on the next phase of our West Coast trip. Anything can happen and usually does so stay tuned. Until then be encouraged and keep looking up!!!
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Thirty-one men have been a part of the King’s Heralds since its founding in 1927. They’ve recorded over 100 albums in thirty different languages in a variety of musical styles, making them a favorite with audiences of all ages. The rich blend, harmony and balance of their a cappella style has been enjoyed not only the United States, but also in over 50 countries including the islands of the Caribbean, all of Latin America, the South Pacific, Australia, Asia and Africa. Their audiences have included heads of state, governors, ambassadors and other dignitaries.