Turn Around Don’t Drown – Bryan Hutson

Baritone for Soul'd Out QT
Baritone for Soul’d Out QT

Recently I was driving and the “news at the top of the hour” came on the radio. An area in Texas had been slammed with a large amount of rain which caused many areas to flood. Local authorities were being interviewed, cautioning people.  One county official said “Even though it’s said many times before, we urge you to not attempt to drive through flooded streets. Turn around, don’t drown.”

I thought, “That is crazy! It’s crazy that Officials EVEN have to say that! Have’nt those people ever watched TV and witnessed countless folks being rescued from their cars, as their vehicles are being swept away by flood waters?!”
Maybe those drivers think “Yeah, the waters are rising, but THAT won’t happen to me.”
In life, it seems people can witness other folks being swept out into “flood waters” and they will say, “Yeah, that will NEVER happen to me.”
Here’s possibly some of their logic.
Yes, most of us consider ourselves smarter than we actually are.
1 Corinthians 3:18 “Do not deceive yourselves. If any of you think you are wise by the standards of this age, you should become “fools” so that you may become wise.”
*I’m more CAUTIOUS than THAT.
We foolishly believe that WE have taken ALL the precautions and we could NEVER be tempted to “drive out in deep waters.”
1 Corinthians 10: 12 “Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed that he does not fall.”
*I’m BETTER than THAT.
I believe we should like and love ourselves, but NOT to the point where we are caring more for ourselves than what God wants. Allowing arrogance to fill our heart.
Galatians 6:3 “For anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, he deceives himself.”
So, what makes us believe that we can’t be tempted to make the same mistakes others have made?
Arrogance, conceit and pride.
I’ve actually been told by people that they “could never DO THAT.”
Truth is, NO ONE is exempt from making THAT same mistake. Sin is real and all of us have fallen short of God’s standards.
Proverbs 16:5 “The LORD detests the proud; they will surely be punished.”
Proverbs 8:13 “The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil. Pride and arrogance and the way of evil and perverted speech I hate.”
That’s pretty clear on what God thinks of arrogance, conceit and pride.
We need to take heed to the warnings in God’s Word. Ask The Holy Spirit to guide your feet and give you discernment about the enemy’s plans to “draw you out into flood waters.”
Listen to godly council. If someone you know and trust as a godly friend try’s to advise you on your potential mistakes, HEED their advice.
“Turn around, Don’t drown”.
Prayer starter: “Father, forgive me for my arrogance and pride. I need YOU to guide me as I travel though life. Give me Your strength and Your wisdom. In Jesus name. Amen.
Bryan Hutson
Bryan Hutson; 24 year veteran of southern gospel music now travels and ministers with his wife Yvonne in Rescue Me Ministries.