REVIEW: Highlands Worship – Here I Surrender

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I absolutely hate to review praise and worship projects!  Yup, I do…I mean how can you honestly take a project that is based upon worshipping and praising our Great God and give it a review.  Now, I understand that I can sit down listen to it and give a description or recommendation of the project to the people who read these reviews.  I love being able to do that…

This latest worship project, HERE I SURRENDER,  from one of the top and fastest growing congregations, HIGHLANDS CHURCH in Birmingham, Alabama is just absolutely incredible.  Pastor Chris Hodges who is the primary Pastor, started the church in 2001 and it has now exploded to multiple campuses in Alabama, and the worship team led by Pastor John Larson is being talked about constantly in regards to their spirit of excellence in leading others to worship.   The Highlands Worship team is passionate about the presence of God and how thru sharing the music they can show others how we can live a life that reflects the love of God and all He has for us.   This project truly reflects praise and worship music at its best.  Top notch production, passionate vocals, gorgeous harmonies and marvelous musicianship does not take away from the sensitivity and beautiful expression of worship thru-out any of the songs.   From the beginning song, ALIVE IN ME flowing to the last song I WILL PRAISE, you will find yourself surrendered to that precious place of worship, where we can find His presence and feel His arms so tenderly wrapped around us.  Every song, I found  myself wanting to sing again and again.  For me as I was listening to it, it became my own personal “worship experience”.

There were several songs that spoke deeply to me, especially where I am in my own journey of seeking more of Him.  The songs, HERE I SURRENDER, PLACE OF FREEDOM,  BEHOLD THE LAMB, YOU NEVER FAIL US and I WILL PRAISE really took me to that place of worship that I so often crave more of.

Are you ready to experience more of Him…then I challenge you to take a listen to this project in that special quiet time that is a must for all of us.  HIGHLAND WORSHIP-HERE I SURRENDER will help lead you to that new place that we all need to go to at times.

Track Listing:

Alive In Me
Here I Surrender
You Will Always Be
Throne of Grace
Place of Freedom
Holy, Holy, Holy (Jesus Reigns)
Behold the Lamb
You Never Fail Us
My Hope
For the Glory of the Cross
Call Upon the Name
I Will Praise


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