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chrisjenkins-300x300Chances are, there’s probably not a Christian music fan to whom the name, “Nelon” doesn’t ring a bell. This family has transcended generations in their field of popularity. Their accolades include three Grammy Nominations, six Dove Awards, 14 Singing News Fan Awards and a People’s Choice Silver Telly Award. The group has also recorded more than 35 albums with chart-topping Southern Gospel classics like “We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown,” “Come Morning,” “Thanks,” and “O For a Thousand Tongues.”

Through the years, Rex, Kelly, Amber endeared themselves to fans all over the world. Now another generation of the Nelon family, Autumn is proving that the great legacy continues!

Autumn has “come into her own” in the last couple of years, singing and an ever growing love for mandolin. She has recently stepped up into the shoes of her fellow sopranos who have come before her. I was able to ask her a few questions about her life right now in the music world.

Chris- How did you first discover Southern Gospel?

autumnAutumn- I’ve grown up in it, my Grandfather started the Nelons and now the legacy lives on with my family!!

C- What is playing right now in your car or iPod?

A- “Orphans of God by Avalon”

C- Who are some of your musical mentors/heroes?

A- I really love Alison Krauss, Ricky Skaggs, Sonya Isaacs and Carrie underwood and of course my family.

C- If you could make your own all-star quartet, trio, or duo, who would the members be?

A- I love the versatility of mixed groups. My family are always changing and intermixing parts which makes it unique and fun. Mr. Bill has me singing with Brooklyn Collingsworth and Layne from Jim Brady Trio in a new trio for the upcoming Homecoming Video, so that should be fun!

C- What’s the top album every SG fan should have?

A- That’s a hard question to Answer! I would say it depends on what your style would be. I don’t think I could pick just one but I do love Michael English Greatest Hits Collection.

C- Where have you always wanted to perform and why do you hope to get to do so someday?

A- Grand ole Opry, a lot of my musical influences have preformed there and it would be an honor.

C- If Christian music wasn’t in the picture, what would you see yourself doing as your career?

A- I really love nursing and so I think if I wasn’t singing I would be pursing that.

C- How do you feel about the direction of Southern Gospel music? What would you change if you could?

A- I don’t personally ever think about categorizing music into labels, I don’t sitting around thinking I like Jason Crabb because he’s Southern Gospel or Natalie Grant because she’s not Southern gospel. I would like us to just come together. The theme of our new record is there are more things that unite us than divide us. We are Stronger Together!

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