In Memory of Barbara Sheldon

Jim Sheldon - The Positive Cowboy
Jim Sheldon – The Positive Cowboy

I’m Going Home” (Roy Hall)

After many years battling alcohol addiction, my sister got Saved through the Bible Studies at her AA meetings. She immediately went back to school, and then went to work at Sprint for their global network. On her way to AA, to celebrate her 2nd year of sobriety her vehicle was hit broadside. She was thrown from her vehicle and was critically injured. The doctors want us to pull the plugs on, saying she was going to die or be a vegetable the rest of her life. We refused. Her faith in God’s grace brought eventually healing. She went on to live a very productive life.

Then November 2, 2000, I received a call from Mom, my sister had died that morning, unexpectantly. It was a blood clot to her brain. I got to sing and minister at her memorial service.

Still struggling from a shameful past, I was seeking God’s confirmation in returning to His Service!

Then, one by one over 200 people testified about Barbara. Each shared how her witness directly helped them get saved and break their addictions. It was her walk with Jesus and her love for them that made the difference.

It made me re-evaluate my own walk with Jesus. It was then; I totally surrender my life to serving Jesus Christ! Even After my sister was gone; her witness still shared the Gospel. To everyone there and her big brother!

Jesus took Barbara “HOME, now waits for Mom and Me!! Praise God!

The Positive Cowboy – Jim Sheldon