I Didn’t Look At The Sun, But I’m Looking For The Son

The Childress Family

Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows His handiwork.

Did you miss the recent Great American Total Eclipse that was almost one hundred years in the making? If you did, it was your own fault, because we had months and months of advance warning that it was coming. We knew all the specifics-the date, the time, where there would be total darkness and how long it would last, where there would be limited darkness and even to the percentages of that limited darkness. We even know when the next total eclipse will be and we only have to wait seven years for it. I have never seen so much publicity and preparation for an event that lasted less than two minutes in our area. We were located in the proximity of a prime viewing area and so our town and the surrounding areas were experiencing eclipse mania, expecting thousands and thousands of people to swarm our area for the phenomenon.

I am sure that the events was was something very special for those who actually study the stars and planets. I know because it was quite breathtaking and an awe-inspiring moment for me because it was just another validation of the greatness of my God. In my 80 years of time on this earth, I have experienced a few eclipses, but never a total one, and each one has pointed me to our soon coming King and that highly anticipated day of His appearing. While the hype and preparation of the eclipse had people preparing for the disappearance of the sun, my desire would be for there to be more hype and preparation for the appearance of the SON.

There will be no advance notice of His appearing. We have only been told in His Word that He will come in a day you think not. He also says that there will be certain events happening on earth that will point to His coming. If you are near my age, you can see many of these events beginning to take place. Things such as famine, disease, wars, earthquakes, lukewarm Christians, unconcerned churches and the list is growing on a daily basis.

Yes, there is a greater phenomenon looming on the horizon than an eclipse. We will only be warned and alerted by His Word, but it is a great alert system. In Revelation the Lord says, “Surely, I come quickly.” Even so, come, Lord Jesus! Keep looking to the SON!!