REVIEW: Alan Kendall – Ease On Down the Road

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Record Label: Independent

In the past 25-30 years, the soloist has seen major advancement in the Southern Gospel industry. With the growth of the soloist, several artists have recorded solo albums while maintaining a position with an established group. Some artists that come to mind are Susan Whisnant, Lauren Talley, Ronnie Booth, and Mike Bowling. Add to the list Alan Kendall. Alan travels with Jordan’s Bridge in addition to performing solo events. His latest solo release, Ease On Down the Road, offers the listener a unique experience in not just the sound of an artist, but the heart & soul of an artist.

One of the unique challenges for a solo recording is keeping the project diverse, yet unified. For soloists like David Phelps or Gene McDonald (both with wide vocal ranges on both ends of the music scale), their voices tend to keep the sounds diverse. However, for a soloist like Alan Kendall with a lead/baritone range, the challenge lies in selecting the exact tunes and arrangements to compliment the vocals. Picking up solid tunes like “Satisfied” (the Martha Carson tune) and “Where Is God?” (Gold City) shows Alan’s ability to hold his own and keep a fresh sound as the focus of Ease On Down the Road.

In addition to showing the more traditional style, Kendall diversifies with the Marvin Williams tune, “Too Much Complaining.” It’s quite a convincing rendition to remind the listener of the value of thankfulness. In addition to the soulful tunes on “Too Much Complaining,” Kendall explores a unique jazz treatment for “Your First Day in Heaven.” Often an over-recorded fast-paced tune, Kendall gives a syncopated touch with unique harmonies to take the tune to a new level.

While most solo projects tend to show off the artist’s vocal range, Ease On Down the Road offers the listener with an enjoyable mix of arrangements with a more confident lead vocal. Background vocals are well-balanced in the mix and not too overpowering. As I stated earlier, Alan Kendall gives the listener an opportunity to see exactly how the artist would like to portray the tunes. While most songs are “cover” tunes, Kendall gives unique arrangements for a pleasant listening experience.

Track Listing:

Where Is God
The Sun Will Shine
Too Much Complaining
First Day In Heaven
King We Need
That’s Enough Finale
Ease On DOwn
In Jesus Name
I Am Redeemed


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Andrew Stephens
Reviewer/Contributing Writer
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