REVIEW: Carolina Blue – I Hear Bluegrass Calling Me

Producer: Bobby Powell, Tim & Lakin Jones
Record Label: Pinecastle Records

Rooted in the tradition of Bill Monroe, come the Brevard, NC native band, Carolina Blue, with their latest release, I Hear Bluegrass Calling Me.

The opening tune, and title cut, “I Hear Bluegrass Calling Me,” hosts a plethora of different feels and stylings, paying homage to the foundational sounds of bluegrass throughout the years. The bluesy jive, “Cold, Lonely, and Blue,” rolls in at Track 2, followed by the harmony-drenched “Longing for Home.”

Rusty Rails,” introduces a new vocal sound for the album, accompanied by expert playing, just before “Mary Do You Wonder” shines with a lovely female harmony. “Glory Bound Train,” is sure to be a fan favorite, especially for gospel music lovers. With its great drive and strong harmony, it is an undoubtedly an album highlight.

Dark Mountainside,” is, without doubt, the coolest sounding song on the record. Cool, mysterious, storytelling. What a vibe! And a neat precedent to “Mountain Flower,” which displays a decidedly traditional bluegrass style.

Keeping up with the theme of allegiance to bluegrass, “Bluegrass Melodies,” strolls up at Track 9, with some gorgeously fresh chord choices, and a delightful musical arrangement. “Breaking Up Rocks,” sounds just as groovy as you would think it does, and “I’ll Meet Her in Heaven” has the kind of southern camp meeting feel that gospel fans have come to love and expect from bluegrass.

If fried taters and onions had a sound, it would be Track 12; an instrumental composition, appropriately entitled, “Fried Taters and Onions.”

The closing number of the record, “Sometimes Good Girls Go Bad,” is played with a sense of longing and nostalgia, leaving the listener with that ‘credits rolling’ feeling of satisfaction.

A tried and true love for bluegrass exudes from every song on this album, as Carolina Blue shares their passion with great proficiency and skill. With I Hear Bluegrass Calling Me, they embrace their roots with great boldness, inviting listeners deep into the soul of the south, and into the heart of bluegrass.

I Hear Bluegrass Calling Me is available on iTunes, as well as

Track Listing:

I Hear Bluegrass Calling Me
Cold, Lonely & Blue
Longing For Home
Rusty Nails
Mary Do You Wonder
Glory Bound Train
Dark Mountainside
Mountain Flower
Bluegrass Melodies
Breaking Up Rocks
I’ll Meet Her In Heaven
Fried Taters & Onions
Sometimes Good Girls Go Bad


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