REVIEW: Sisters – Here’s a Reminder

Producer:  Jeremy Medkiff / Sisters
Label:  Independent Release

Since the first time I heard Kim and Valerie sing with their mom, Brenda as the Ruppes, at Woodland Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, NC back in the mid-90s, I have remained enthralled by their music.  Later, when Kim left to start her own group, LordSong, Heather stepped back into the group (she had left several years prior) and they continued to amaze me with their harmonies.  It’s only natural that these ladies continue singing as Sisters.  They have released a few Christmas, Acapella, Praise & Worship and Classics recordings over the last few years, but this is their first mainline Southern Gospel release in about 9 years and it’s been well worth the wait!  This reminded me of how much I love these ladies and their music and why I fell in love with their music many years ago.  So, if you may have forgotten how awesome these ladies are…Here’s a Reminder!

The recording kicks off with the upbeat, Praise & Worship feel of, “IT IS GOOD” and the upbeat feel continues with “BRAND NEW SONG”.  Both tunes remind us it is good to give thanks to the Lord and to lift our voice and sing a new song unto the Lord, before the tempo slows down for the reminder that “EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS IN THE BLOOD”.  Featuring Valerie along with the addition of a choir, the song is a highlight of the recording and is a great contender for single release!

The tempo picks back up for another great reminder that no person or situation is beyond His omnipotent ability, and that “IMPOSSIBLE IS WHERE HE STARTS”.  Slowing down the pace and featuring Valerie once again, “HE FORGAVE ME” is a wonderful testimony in song…”He forgave me, He washed away the stain of sin…He made me clean and whole again…I’ll forever sing His praise, He forgave me!”

Kim steps up to sing the title song, “HERE’S A REMINDER”.  Setting the overall theme of the recording, the song reassures us “…if you’re standing in the storm or you’re walking through the fire, and you need someone to tell you God is with you, here’s a reminder”.  Recorded a couple of years ago by the Hoskins Family, I fell in love with the song then and even more so now and hope it makes it to radio!

The tempo picks back up for the infectious, “IN THE AIR”, which features Heather.  The song is a great reminder of the day that’s coming “when we meet Him in the air!”

Along with the title song, “STILL I WILL PRAISE YOU” is my personal favorite.  Featuring all three ladies, the song has a modern hymn feel and reminds us that even in the toughest times in life, “still I will praise You, still I will praise You, still my trust in You remains, still You are sovereign, still You are faithful, still I will praise Your Name!”

Heather steps back up to sing the powerful, “YOU STILL FORGIVE”.  Many times, we forget God is still working and forgiving, and the song reminds us that “You still forgive, You still redeem, Your precious blood still washes clean, You still heal the broken hearted and stand with open arms and let us in…”

The recording closes out with a new rendition of the classic, “ANGELS IN THE ROOM”.  Recorded over 20 years by Kim and Valerie with their mom in the Ruppes, the ladies turn in a great performance showing off their impeccable harmony, reminding us of their rich legacy and that even in the end, we are not alone.

Whether it was intentional or not, this latest release is filled with some wonderful and powerful reminders as Kim, Valerie and Heather remind us of God’s faithfulness and our total reliance on Him.  Most of the songs on this recording were co-written by Kenna West or Sue Smith along with other major writers such as Cliff Duren, David Baroni, Karen Harding, Jason Cox and others, and they showcase some stellar pieces of lyric.  Whether for prayerful meditation or for just pure listening pleasure, there is so much to enjoy with this newest recording.  May it serve as a reminder for you to love and praise God, relish His blessings, savor His Mercy and Grace and just enjoy life!


Track Listing:
(stars denote personal favorites)

It is Good**
Brand New Song
Everything You Need is in the Blood**
Impossible is Where He Starts
He Forgave Me
Here’s a Reminder**
In the Air**
Still I Will Praise You**
You Still Forgive**
Angels in the Room**


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