America Fear Not… Fret Not

In my last editorial I let it be known exactly what I think about the Coronavirus stuff. I don’t need to go back over that, but the fact is, this nation and the whole world are caught up in the fear and panic that the news media has put out.

The nation is stuck in the “Shelter and Stay” mode. It is so easy to get depressed and downhearted and filled with worry over the unknown. I will say it again, the Bible over and over tells us to “fear not”, “let not your heart be troubled”, and “fret not”. Some would say that it is impossible to not fear, it’s a natural instinct to danger.

That is true when it comes to physical danger, but when the Bible speaks of fear, it’s not talking about physical fear of danger. Instead it’s talking about fear of the unknown. In essence the Bible is saying (a Deon paraphrase) by worrying can you add one inch to your stature? I suppose if you worry and eat a lot you can add one inch to your circumference, but not to your stature.

Since we couldn’t go to church this morning, Tammie and I watched a little bit of church service via live stream and afterward I meandered to the kitchen and as I gazed out the kitchen window, the Lord spoke to me as clearly as he ever has. I didn’t hear an audible voice, but still I heard Him say to me, “Don’t worry or fret… the sun came up this morning.” At that point I noticed how beautiful the flowers are blooming. It’s a wonderful spring morning and the coarse of nature moves right along just as God planned. God was telling me that just as sure as the sun came up this morning and the flowers and the trees were blooming, the birds were singing their songs, He is in control. Nature was clicking right along just as God designed it. Nature was trusting God. If God knows when the sparrow falls to the ground, if God knows the number of hairs on our head, then why should we not trust Him to see us through this storm.

Just as sure as we trust God to make sure that the sun is shining for us every morning and the moon is shining every night, we should trust Him to see us through this Coronavirus problem. The media is doing its best to keep fear and panic controlling people. Remember the percentage of people dying from pneumonia from this Coronavirus is still smaller than the percentage of people dying from pneumonia from the flu and ten times more people have the flu.

Trust God, fear not, fret not, and let not your heart be troubled. Pray for those affected by this virus and pray for President Trump as God gives him wisdom to handle this situation.

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Deon Unthank
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