It’s About The Cure Being Worse Than The Disease

Ok, I’m ready for all the nasty comments and ugly names, so here goes.

I’m sure that you all know that only about 5% of the people in this country actually get the coronavirus. I’m sure you know that only about 2% of those who get the virus actually die from the virus.

As terrible as that is, and it is terrible, we have destroyed our economy, ignored the number of suicides caused by this government shutdown, created fear and panic that caused many, many heart attacks and strokes. We don’t care that the financial stress is bankrupting young people and destroying the retirement income of millions of retired seniors. The stress that this is causing on marriages has led to increased divorces. None of his matters to a lot of people who have swallowed all this propaganda spread by the liberal media, who two months ago were the most untrusted people in this nation.

Now, instead of taking care of the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions, we punish the very people who keep this great country going. Instead of paying special attention to nursing homes and people with health issues we try to treat the whole country with something that 95% of the country do not have.

This has not been about any virus. You who have been following what I have been saying know that I have been right. This coronavirus is dying out as the flu/virus season naturally ends. The statistics that Fauci was spouting off to cause fear and panic never transpired. They had to add every death in the US to the total to get their numbers high and not near as high as these experts were predicting.

Fauci has been in the middle of this from the very beginning including using government money to finance coronavirus experiential work in Wuhan China for the past several years.

This has been a test at a world power grab by some very financially powerful people. Well we passed the test as did the rest of the world.

If we as Americans and as Christians don’t stand up and take our rights back this will happen again with a stronger virus and a more militant takeover of our country.

It time to go back to work and help the 95% of the people who have been abused by our government.

If you have a sick child, you take care of the sick one, but you don’t shut the whole family down. From the beginning of time we have been taking care of our sick while the family carried on. Let’s do what we know to do.

Let’s open our churches back up so we can get our thinking straight again and then open our country so we can get our lives back again.

This cure has been worse than the disease, so let’s make sure that we fix the cure so we aren’t prisoners in our own country.

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Deon Unthank
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