Don’t Be Discouraged, God Is At Work

Deon Unthank

Well here I sit again struggling with what to write. As I say that, I really know what I have to say. I must stick my neck out for I know what’s in my heart.

You see, I have two choices to write about. I can write about how Joe Biden has won the election and is the President elect, but that isn’t true. Actually, this election represents far more than Donald Trump and Joe Biden. This election is a battle between good and bad, between right and wrong, dare I say it is between righteous and evil.

I find it hard to believe that with all the blatant fraud and unscrupulous actions that both parties do not want to prove their arguments. Conservatives like me find the fact that vote counting was stopped and when it was resumed hundreds of thousands of votes mysteriously appeared for Biden and Trump had even lost votes. Dominion voting machines proven to have the ability to switch votes from one candidate to the other, along with a ton of other irregularities are not questioned by both parties. Why wouldn’t both parties want to have their questions proven. Surely Republicans would want to have their accusations proven true and the Democrats would want to show without any doubt that these accusations of mail-in voter fraud, ballots being found by boxes full all for Biden, and the Dominion machines being corrupt were wrong. Just saying so isn’t enough. We’re talking about the leader of the biggest and most powerful nation in the world. Prove that your side has nothing to hide and that everything was on the up and up and that the accusations against you were wrong. If I had accusations made against me in front of the whole world, I would want to show that I had everything in order. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but if you have nothing to hide, why not prove you are right.

That’s as far as this whole thing goes concerning Trump and Biden. Let’s look deeper into this situation.

As we look at the greatest nation in the world, we must see that 2021 is not exactly like it was in 1492, or 1776. What could I possibly mean by that? For example as this great land was discovered people found a place where they could have religious liberty. The preponderance of those coming here were seeking freedom from the Church of England and the Catholic Church. You see, the government had tried to infiltrate the church and was making demands that did not sit well with the Christian/Judaeo teachings and tradition of the Christian Church. Here in America the Christian morals spoke loudly even to those who were not converts. That was just the natural way that kind people treated each other. Good overcame evil. Somewhere along the line, I think it was the 60s and 70s, the “if it feels good do it” or the “it’s all about me” started taking hold. Then the sexual revolution took off and our morals sorta left with it. It wasn’t long until that attitude crept into the church, and after it ran so smoothly, it slipped right into our government. In the process we quietly left God out of our lives.

So, let’s move on up through the years to say 2020. We see here that the church has very little influence on our nation. Churches that are preaching the Gospel are primarily gray haired people. Even many of those have adapted to the world’s message that abortion is just a woman’s right to choose, and homosexuality is just an alternative lifestyle. Most of this modern church doesn’t even know that there is human trafficking, child sex trafficking, and child pornography running wild. I have a saying that goes “as the church goes, so goes the world”.

I could also say, “as the church goes, so goes our politics”. Since the church didn’t seem to fight for and defend the lives of innocent unborn babies, the government assumed that abortion would become the accepted way of life. We sacrifice our babies on the altar of convenience. Once the government realized that the church would just wink at homosexuality they decided to pass laws to protect this perverted lifestyle and change the definition of marriage. The church is oblivious human trafficking, child sex trafficking, and child pornography, the government just sort of ignores the whole thing.

I wonder where that leaves this nation? It leaves this great nation with no moral compass. We no longer have a sense of right and wrong.

Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Romans 1:28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

It doesn’t take a genius mind to see that the Liberal Left call abortion good and pro-life bad. They call the deviant homosexual lifestyle good and call living a heterosexual lifestyle evil and judgmental. They call corruption in government normal and righteous government evil. This is a sign of a reprobate mind which so much of the Liberal thought agrees with.

Hopefully you can see now that this whole situation we are living through now is not about Trump and Biden, but rather about Christianity and religious freedom. Governors have shut down churches over a disease that has a 99% recovery rate. They have tried to force the whole nation into wearing cloth and paper masks that are proven to have no effect in stopping a droplet virus like Covid-19. They are pushing a vaccine that has not been thoroughly tested and made with fetal body parts in it. Exactly what does it take to see that this great nation has drifted so far from God that our forefathers would not even recognize this as the country they birthed. Many don’t even know that when our forefathers founded this great nation, there was covenant entered into between those Godly men and God Himself. It was a covenant that said as long as America stayed true to God, God would put His blessings upon this country, and for 200 years that is exactly what happened. America became the greatest nation in the world, blessed materially and financially. We have been blessed to not have any foreign countries attack us on our soil. We were however the country that helped save other countries from tyrannical leaders seeking to do evil things to them.

Let me say this now. America is at a crossroads. As we see today the government from both sides of the aisle have turned against the President who has done more for Israel than any President that I have ever seen. Donald Trump has done more to to give the churches more freedom than any other President I have ever seen. Men we thought were trustworthy voted to give American citizens who have been greatly wronged by this Covid-19 virus a $600.00 stymulous payment while giving and $1,800 payment to illegal aliens. What kind of honest men do something like that? I’ll tell you what kind, they kind that have been turned over to reprobate minds.

There is some good news though. God is not looking for sinners to turn this nation around. God is looking for a remnant of born again Christians who are willing to stand faithful seeking His face and His will. The test began with Pastors being willing to shut their churches down. Churches are to be hospitals not just for the sick, but for the down trodden, the depressed, the poor and the needy, the wrecked homes, those considering suicide. The church is to be there for them, not a building with locked doors. The church is where hurting people can find the Great Physician.

So today, as many men of God have proclaimed that they have heard from God that Donald Trump will serve two terms, today as all seems lost and there is no way for victory, today as it seems the evil ones who love killing babies in the womb and who love celebrating the perverted lifestyle that wants to change the definition of marriage, today those who want to ignore the great evidence of fraud and manipulation in this election against the man that God has ordained to lead this nation, today we combat in a spiritual battle all this evil that is so prominent standing strong in the confidence of God’s Word. Today as many of these Christians who have been fasting and praying for God’s will to overcome all this evil we stand strong. There is a song that says “God likes to work, when nothing else will”. When all the efforts of man have been exhausted, I still believe that God is going to work a mighty miracle and Donald Trump will again be the President of the United States.

Saints of God, as so called Christians fall by the way side, you are a part of the small remnant that God is looking for. Stand strong for we will see the LORD God Jehovah give us a Red Sea type of miracle. The church is being tested and God is seeking out His faithful.

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