Political Freedom = Religious Freedom

Political Freedom = Religious Freedom

I keep hearing people complain that Pastors, Evangelists, and Teachers shouldn’t be mentioning politics in their messages. The United States government has done a very good job propagandizing abortion, homosexuality, covid, and the vaccine issues. I would never have dreamed that our Congress would give such jaded information so that the citizens of this great nation have willingly accepted just anything that was told to them by the leaders of this country and by the equally dishonest press and media. We have drank in everything that the press has said as truth, when it was solely their very left wing opinions.

Now let me get to the ones who should be the most trusted and non-biased group of people in our great land, that being the Pastors, Evangelists, and Teachers. Far too often I have heard or read from highly respected ministers inserting their own political thoughts into their writings or messages ignoring what the Bible says about the subject.

So, you might ask me, just when should ministers get involved in politics? Never? For just any reason? Let’s see if we can figure some lost reasoning, it’s called thinking logically. There is only one reason for a minister to involve politics in his message. When political reasoning goes against Biblical concepts it is time for any minister to involve politics with Biblical truths. If a Pastor, or Evangelist, or Teacher is preaching the truth, then it is his obligation to expose those by name who are supporting the anti-moral issues, anti-Bible issues on any given day.

The only reason Pastors, and Deacons, and Board Members tremble at the thought of freely taking on political issues is because of that dreadful 501-C3 tax exemption that the church clings to. That tax exemption has done more to prevent holiness preaching that any other thing the church has faced.

So, it’s time for the church to stand up to the government and remind them that the Separation of Church and State is not about keeping the church out of government, but rather to keep government out of the church. There is absolutely nothing that the church can do to deter anything that the government wants to do, but the government holds that tax exemption over the church as a threat to force them to close, as we have seen, any time they might want to. The Separation of Church and State is meant to prevent the government from demanding that churches close for any reason. This nation has been through many pandemics throughout our history, and never, I repeat never have been forced to shut their doors, but rather the church was expected to be a place of refuge for the hurting people, a place of healing for the sick and dying. No President, no Senator, no Congressman, no Dr Fauci, no Sheriff has the right or the authority to close any House of Worship for any reason.

First it was a request for churches to close, then it was ridiculing by government officials, and finally it was demanding that churches close sending state, local, and county police to enforce it.

Let’s take it a little further. The 2020 election was so messed up politically, that the outcome was a fiasco. Republicans were not allowed to watch at the polls, nor were they allowed to watch the tallying of the votes. Voting machines were manipulated by Democrat owned companies forcing an illegitimate outcome, leaving us with a party in place that is definitely anti-church and anti-Israel. So, now we have a government that is ready to take away the rights of Republicans denying them the right to verify the results of not only this election, but every election in the future. Mike Lindell at his own expense has shown evidence that the corruption of this 2020 Presidential election as well at the Georgia state election reversed the legitimate outcome of the elections. Thus, the title of this Editorial, Political Freedom = Religious Freedom, or NO Political Freedom = NO Religious Freedom.

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