REVIEW: Hebron Road – In a Moment

Producer: Keith Everette Smith
Record Label: StowTown Records
Website: Unknown

“Every Other Throne” kicks off the debut StowTown release for Hebron Road. This cinematic anthem is a song reminding us that God is sovereign and sits on high and looks down low. This particular tune is a great opener and a wonderful way to introduce listeners to the group. “You Say”, follows. This is a cover of the popular Lauren Daigle song. While the guys give a great performance, it is not much different stylistically from the opening tune and seems a bit redundant. However, the key change gives this particular arrangement a little more fire than expected and is well done.

“In A Moment” is a glorious worship anthem about the return of Christ for His bride. You can almost visually see Christ breaking open the eastern sky, if you listen closely. A beautiful song and I imagine this song will do well in love concert settings. “All My Hope”, another popular CCM cover follows. While it is a great song and the guys offer a marvelous performance, it just seems once again to be an unnecessary cut for a debut recording, already being covered by several major artists.

“Beauty Of The Cross” is another worship anthem about being redeemed. One of the strongest songs on this project, in my opinion. Musically, it is nothing much different than the previous songs.

“Strong Love” is one of two upbeat tunes on this project and it wins the “best song on the album” award. It is a heart-cry song of worship and thanksgiving for the constant faithfulness of God. I imagine this will do well on radio. Then, the album closes with a creative take on the classic hymn “In The Garden”. I was not expecting this and it was a breath of fresh air musically and contains a brilliant arrangement.

In conclusion, Hebron Road have presented a recording that displays their God given talents and incredible harmony capabilities. Lyrically, it is super strong. Musically, I do believe this album would’ve benefited from a few less cover songs and a few more upbeat songs. However, all in all – it is a wonderful debut recording.