Vinyl Record Review

The Downings – Neighbors (1972)

October 10, 2022 0

After 3 years of being on the road and recording 7 albums during that time, things slowed down a bit and the group only recorded one album in 1972…titled, “Neighbors”.  This year also saw more […]


Popcorn Testimony

October 4, 2022 0

It’s odd that a childhood memory is filed in my brain as both one of the best and one of the worst memories of my life. Go back with me to about age nine to […]

Vinyl Record Review

The Downings – Once More…With Feeling (1971)

September 28, 2022 0

Much like 1970, the year 1971 brought additional changes for the Downings, and along with those changes, we also saw the group releasing 2 more new albums.  The first album being, “Once More…with Feeling”, and […]

Vinyl Record Review

The Downings – This Is the Day (1970)

September 19, 2022 0

1970 was a year of big changes for the Downings, as by the summer of 1970, more changes ensued as Sue Chenault had left the group and joined the Speers, where she remained for about […]

Vinyl Record Review

Happiness Is The Downings (1970)

September 12, 2022 0

As the 60s came to a close and the 70s began, the Downings were growing and changing with the times.  After a whirlwind first year on the road and recording 3 albums during that short […]

Vinyl Record Review

The Downings – Sheltered In the Arms of God (1969)

September 5, 2022 0

For the Downings’ third and final album for 1969 (and the last album of the original group), things really seemed to be gelling nicely for the Downings, as they released a very cohesive sounding album.  […]


Uncoordinated Faith

September 5, 2022 0

It all started with the Hokey Pokey in Kindergarten.  I put my right foot in, I put my right foot out, I put my right foot in, but when it was time to shake it […]

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